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Chulin 34

CHULIN 34 (4 Adar) - Today's Daf has been dedicated l'Zecher Nishmat Pinchas ben Harav Moshe Yehoshua Ha'Kohain, Z"L.

1) [line 5] CHEVRAYA - our colleagues (the Gemara, line 11, will identify this title with Rabah bar bar Chanah)

2) [line 14] MATZINU OCHEL CHAMUR MIN HA'OCHEL - we find that [the status of Tum'ah of] a person who eats is more stringent than [the status of Tum'ah of] the food [that he eats] (the first word is read with a "Tzere" and the second word is read with a "Segol")

3a) [line 15] NIVLAS OF TAHOR BA'CHUTZ LO METAMEI - the Neveilah of a Kosher bird, when touched outside [of the throat], does not render anything Tamei

(a) Normally, items that are Tamei spread Tum'ah through touching them or carrying them ("Maga" or "Masa"). The only object that is Metamei mid'Oraisa *while being eaten* is Nivlas Of Tahor (the carcass of a Kosher bird). Nivlas Of Tahor is a kosher bird that died or was killed without Shechitah. (This includes a bird that is unfit to be brought as a Korban upon which Melikah was performed.) It is *only* Metamei while in the Beis ha'Beli'ah (throat), during the process of being swallowed.
(b) A Nivlas Of Tahor is Metamei the person eating it, as well as any clothes or utensils that he is touching at the time that it is in his throat, giving them the status of "Rishon l'Tum'ah." (Once it is swallowed, the person remains Tamei, but is only Metamei food and drinks, i.e. he is a Rishon l'Tum'ah).

(a) See Background to Chulin 33:28.
(b) All *foods* become Tamei if they touch a source of Tum'ah, but only after they first become wet. From then on, even after they dry, they can still become Tamei. Seven liquids can enable foods to become Tamei: water, dew, oil, wine, milk, blood, and bee's honey. The minimum amount of food that can become Tamei is a k'Beitzah. The modern equivalent of a Beitzah is 0.05, 0.0576 or 0.1 liter, depending upon the differing Halachic opinions.
(c) In order for something edible to receive Tum'as Ochlin, it has to be considered food. A person's intention to eat the item and treat it as a food gives it the status of a food and it can receive Tum'as Ochlin. Once food becomes Tamei, it cannot become Tahor by immersing it in a Mikvah.

The Chachamim decreed that a person who eats a half-Pras (two Beitzim) of food that is Tamei may not eat Terumah. He makes Terumah Pasul if he touches it.

6) [line 24] MATZINU SHEHA'SHENI OSEH SHENI AL YEDEI MASHKIN - we find an instance where a food that is a Sheni l'Tum'ah can cause another food to become a Sheni l'Tum'ah, when the second food is wet with one of the seven liquids (see above, entry #4:b). (These liquids, when touched by a Sheni l'Tum'ah, become a Rishon l'Tum'ah (see Background to Chulin 33:28), and in turn cause the food that they are touching to become a Sheni l'Tum'ah.)

See Background to Chulin 33:28.

(a) A Tevul Yom is a person who has immersed in a Mikvah to become Tahor for Chulin, but is still waiting for nightfall to be completely Tahor with regard to Terumah, Kodshim and Bi'as Mikdash. The level of Tum'ah of a Tevul Yom is minimal; he is considered only a Sheni l'Tum'ah and if he touches Terumah or Kodesh, the Terumah or Kodesh becomes Pasul and must be burned. Chulin that he touches do not become Teme'im. Liquids that he touches do not become Rishon l'Tum'ah. If he enters the Mikdash, however, he is Chayav Kares (see Background to Menachos 92:18).
(b) After the following nightfall, he becomes completely Tahor with regard to Terumah. If he is a Mechusar Kaparah (see Background to Menachos 27:34), he must wait until he brings his sacrifices to become completely Tahor with regard to Kodshim and Bi'as Mikdash.

8) [last line] B'TERUMAH, SHE'TAHARASAH TUM'AH HI ETZEL HA'KODESH - [I was only referring] to Terumah, which, even when it is Tahor, is Metamei Kodshim (With regard to Hekdesh, *everything* is considered a Rishon l'Tum'ah - even Terumah itself! A person who eats Terumah Tehorah is also a Sheni l'Kodesh. Such is the stringency of Hekdesh!)


9) [line 20] NE'ECHAL BI'NEZID HA'DEMA - is eaten with "a mixed porridge," a dish in which Chulin ha'Na'asu Al Taharas Terumah is mixed with Terumah, e.g. herbs, spices or oil of Terumah (since a Shelishi l'Tum'ah of Chulin she'Na'asu Al Taharas Terumah is not Metamei the Terumah) (RASHI)

10) [line 21] SAFINAN LEI MIDI D'FASIL LEI L'GUFEI?! - do we force-feed him (a Kohen) something that will cause him to become unfit [to eat Terumah, (a) and then have him eat Terumah along with that food]?! (RASHI, 1st explanation); (b) and then cause him to inadvertently eat Terumah afterwards, when he is in a state of Tum'ah]?! (RASHI, 2nd explanation)

11) [last line] HANACH L'NEZID HA'DEMA - let the case of Nezid ha'Dema stay by itself (i.e. it is not similar to the case of eating a Shelishi of Chulin ha'Na'asu Al Taharas Terumah)

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