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Chulin 22

1) [line 3] KESHE'HU ACHUZ HA'ROSH BA'GUF MAZEH - he performs Haza'ah when the head is still attached to the body

2) [line 10] MELIKAH B'ROSHO SHEL MIZBE'ACH - perhaps the Melikah (see Background to Chulin 21:15b:c:1 is also performed on top of the Mizbe'ach

3) [line 15] LO MI'SHEL TZIBUR - not with communal funds (TERUMAS HA'LISHKAH)
See Background to Menachos 52:6.

4) [line 15] LO MI'SHEL MA'ASER - and not with coins of Ma'aser Sheni (TERUMAH \ MA'ASER RISHON \ MA'ASER SHENI)
See Background to Chulin 14:11.

5) [line 15] BA'YOM? MI'"B'YOM TZAVOSO" NAFKA - The Halachah that a Korban may be brought only during the day? That is learned from the verse, "*b'Yom* Tzavoso Es Benei Yisrael l'Hakriv Es Korbeneihem" (Vayikra 7:38)!

6) [line 16] KEDI NASVAH - it was mentioned unnecessarily
7) [line 18] KOL MAKOM SHE'NEEMAR ETZBA O KEHUNAH EINAH ELA YAMIN - every time a verse uses words related to "Etzba" and "Kehunah," it refers to the right hand

8) [line 19] KEHUNAH BAYA ETZBA, ETZBA LO BAYA CHEHUNAH - [in order to imply that the right hand must be used,] a word related to "Kehunah" must be accompanied by the word "Etzba," but the word "Etzba" alone implies the right hand even without the word "Kehunah" appearing in the verse

9a) [line 22] TORIN - turtledoves

b) [line 23] BENEI YONAH - young, common doves
10) [line 24] TECHILAS HA'TZIHUV - the beginning of the yellowing [of the birds neck feathers]


11) [line 9] LO LISHTAMIT KERA - Why did [a verse] not "escape" [and record the words *Benei* ha'Torim or *ha'Yonah* (without the word "Benei")]?

12a) [line 20] MISHE'YAZHIVU - when their feathers [grow to their mature length and] turn a reddish shade of gold
b) [line 21] MISHE'YATZHIVU - when the feathers [around their necks] begin yellowing

13) [line 22] MISHE'YE'AL'U - when blood begins to circulate throughout the body of the chick

14) [line 23] "EFROCHAV YE'AL'U DAM" - "and his young ones swallow the blood [of the prey that he brings to them]" (Iyov 39:30) - The Gemara takes this verse out of context and translates it as, "and [the organs of] his young ones swallow blood"

15) [line 24] MI'KI SHAMIT GADFA MINEI V'ASI DAMA - at the stage where if one were to pull off a wing, the chick would bleed

16) [line 28] BERYAH HEVEI - it is an independent entity (not a Tor and not a Ben Yonah)

17) [last line] ITZERICH KERA L'MI'UTEI SEFEIKA?! - Is it necessary for a verse to specifically exclude a doubtful case? (i.e. it is obvious that one needs to be stringent in the case of a doubt)

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