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Chagigah 14

CHAGIGAH 14 & 15 - anonymously dedicated by an Ohev Torah and Marbitz Torah in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel.


(a) Shmuel made a point of telling Chiya bar Rav something in the name of his (Chiya bar Rav's) father.
What did Rav learn from the Pasuk in Eichah "Chadashim la'Bekarim, Rabah Emunasecha"?

(b) What did Rebbi Shmuel bar Nachmeini Amar Rebbi Yonasan learn from the Pasuk in Tehilim "bi'D'var Hashem Shamayim Na'asu, *u've'Ru'ach Piv Kol Tzeva'am*" that clashes with Rav (see Tosfos DH 'u'Palig')?

(c) How do we reconcile the Pasuk ...

1. ... in Daniel, which compares Hashem's Hair to white wool, with the Pasuk in Shir ha'Shirim, which describes it as black curls?
2. ... in Daniel which refers to Hashem's *one* Throne, with the Pasuk (also in Daniel) which speaks about *two* Thrones, according to Rebbi Akiva?
(d) Rebbi Yossi Hagelili was not happy that Rebbi Akiva confused Kodesh with Chol. According to him, both thrones refer to the Throne of Hashem, only the one refers to the Throne of Din, the other, to the Throne of Rachamim.
Did Rebbi Akiva accept Rebbi Yossi Hagelili's interpretation?
(a) When Rebbi Akiva repeated Rebbi Yossi Hagelili's interpretation of the two contradictory Pesukim, Rebbi Elazar ben Azaryah objected.
What did he tell Rebbi Akiva to do?

(b) How did Rebbi Elazar ben Azaryah explain the second throne?

(a) How many curses did Yeshayah pronounce upon K'lal Yisrael, before concluding with "Yirhavu ha'Na'ar be'Zakein ve'ha'Nikleh be'Nichbad"?

(b) "Ki Hinei ha'Adon ... Meisir mi'Yerushalayim Mash'ein u'Mash'einah.
If "Mash'ein" refers to the Ba'alei Mikra, what does "Mash'einah" refer to?

(c) Rav Papa and the Rabbanan argue. One says that in the days of Rebbi Yehudah ben Teimah there were six hundred Sidrei Mishnah.
What does the other one say?

(d) If ...

  1. ... "Kol Mash'ein Lechem" refers to the Ba'alei Talmud, what does "Mash'ein Mayim" refer to?
  2. ... "Gibor refers to the Ba'alei Sh'mu'os (who have a broad knowledge), what does "Ish Milchamah" refer to?
(a) "Shofet" and "Navi" in Yeshaya's list of those whom Hashem would remove from Yerushalayim are literal.
Who is meant by "Kosem"?

(b) "Zakein" refers to someone who is fit to act as consultant for life-She'eilos. According to the first Lashon, "Sar Chamishim" must be changed to "Sar Chumashim" and means an expert in Chumash. The second Lashon leaves "Sar Chamishim" intact, explaining it like Rebbi Avahu.
What does it mean?

(c) What are the two categories of 'Nesu Panim'?

(d) "Yo'eitz" refers to a Talmid-Chacham who is able to work out leap- years and leap-months.
What does Yeshayah mean by ...

  1. ... "Chacham"?
  2. ... "Charashim"? (see Hagahos ha'Gra).
(a) And what did he mean by ...
  1. ... "Navon"?
  2. ... "Lachash"? (see Hagahos ha'Gra).
(b) "ve'Nasati Ne'arim Sareihem, ve'Sa'alulim Yimshelu Bam".
Who is meant by ...
  1. ... "Ne'arim"?
  2. ... "Ta'alulim"?
(c) Yeshayah was not satisfied until he issued the final curse "Yirhavu ha'Na'ar be'Zakein ve'ha'Nikleh be'Nichbad".
What did he mean by ...
  1. ... "Yirhavu ha'Na'ar be'Zakein"?
  2. ... "ve'ha'Nikleh be'Nichbad"?
(a) Even when it reached its lowest ebb, one good Midah remained among the Yerushalmim.
What was it?

(b) How do we know that?

(c) How do we know that their honesty was not based on a lack of choice, because, had they conceded that they were indeed unlearned, then they would have been forced to answer the questions put to them?

Answers to questions



(a) Why did Rebbi Yochanan ben Zakai ...
  1. ... decline to teach Rebbi Elazar ben Arach one chapter in Ma'aseh Merkavah?
  2. ... alight from his donkey, cover himself well and sit on a stone?
(b) What happened when Rebbi Elazar ben Arach began to Darshen from Ma'aseh Merkavah? What Shirah did the trees begin to sing?

(c) What did the 'Mal'ach min ha'Eish' announce?

(d) What did Rebbi Yochanan ben Zakai subsequently proclaim in admiration, concluding with the words 'Ashrecha Avraham Avinu she'Elazar ben Arach Yatza me'Chalatzecha'?

(a) Which other disciple of Raban Yochanan ben Zakai took his cue from the above incident and began to Darshen from Ma'aseh ha'Merkavah? Who was he teaching?

(b) What time of year was it, and, in spite of that, what appeared in the sky?

(c) What did the angels who came down to listen to him, do?

(d) When Rebbi Yossi ha'Kohen related this to Rebbi Yochanan ben Zakai, he praised his Talmidim together with their parents and his own eyes that had witnessed all this. He also told them about his dream in which they were all sitting at Har Sinai.
What did a Bas Kol announce there?

(a) Rebbi Yossi b'Rebbi Yehudah in a Beraisa listed three 'Hartza'os': that of Rebbi Yehoshua, that of Rebbi Akiva and that of Rebbi Chananya ben Chachinai.
Why did he omit Rebbi Elazar ben Arach?

(b) What problem do we have with the inclusion of Rebbi Chananya ben Chachinai in the list?

(c) What is the answer?

(a) Which four Tana'im entered Pardes?

(b) What does this mean? What is Pardes?

(c) What did Rebbi Akiva warn the others not to do? Why?

(d) What happened to ..

  1. ... Ben Azai?
  2. ... Ben Zoma?
  3. ... Acher? What was Acher's real name?
  4. ... Rebbi Akiva?
(a) They asked Ben Zoma whether one is permitted to castrate a dog.
Why specifically a dog, and not any other non-Kasher animal?

(b) They also asked him whether a Kohen Gadol is permitted to marry a Besulah who became pregnant.
What (according to Rashi's first explanation) is the case?

(c) Seeing as she still has Dam Besulim, why might she be forbidden?

(d) We conclude that Be'ilah without removing the Dam Besulim is unusual. Then how did she become pregnant?

Answers to questions

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