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Chagigah 13

1a) [line 1] BATEI GAVA'EI - the inner chambers
b) [line 1] BATEI VARA'EI - the outer chambers
2) [line 4] "HA'KERACH HA'NORA" - "the awesome ice" (Yechezkel 1:22)
3) [line 11] "E'ELEH AL BAMASEI AV, EDAMEH L'ELYON." - "I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the Most High." (Yeshayah 14:14)

4) [line 13] SHE'HIMRID [ES] KOL HA'OLAM KULO ALAV - that made the entire world rebel against himself (lit. against Nimrod, but referring to HaSh-m)

5a) [line 20] RAGLEI - feet
b) [line 20] KARSULEI - ankles (O.F. cheville)
c) [line 21] SHOKEI - lower legs
d) [line 22] RECHUVEI - knees
e) [line 22] YERECHEI - thighs

6) [line 31] ROSHEI PERAKIM - chapter headings [of the Beraisa of Ma'aseh ha'Merkavah] (and he uses his intuition to understand the deep secrets -- RABEINU CHANANEL)

7a) [line 35] "SAR CHAMISHIM" - "The captain of fifty" (Yeshayah 3:3) - the Gemara below (14a) explains that this refers to either (a) an expert in the five books of the Torah (read "Sar Chumashim"), or (b) a Torah sage who has reached the age of fifty, when it is permitted for him to have his discourse presented by a Meturgeman (see Background to Moed Katan 21:7:b)
b) [line 35] "U'NESU FANIM" - "and the honorable man" (ibid.) - the Gemara below (14a) explains that this refers to someone who finds favor on behalf of his generation in the eyes of Heaven or the authorities, which provides them with sustenance
c) [line 35] "V'YO'ETZ" - "and the counselor" (ibid.) - the Gemara below (14a) explains that this refers to an expert in the field of calculating the new month and the need for an extra month in the year
d) [line 36] "VA'CHACHAM CHARASHIM" - "and the skilful artisan" (ibid.) - the Gemara below (14a) explains that "Chacham" refers to a student who causes his teacher to gain new insights; "Charashim" refers to an expert Torah sage whose words are so novel and ingenious that others feel like fools during his discourse
e) [line 36] "U'NEVON LACHASH." - "and the eloquent orator." (ibid.) - the Gemara below (14a) explains that "Navon" refers to someone who is able to understand things using his intuition; "Lachash" refers to one who is worthy of being taught Torah secrets

8) [line 38] TA AGMERACH - Come! I will teach you
9) [line 38] LO KASHA'I - I am not old enough (I have not reached the age of fifty -- RABEINU CHANANEL)

10) [line 39] IY ZAKA'I - if I would have merited
11) [line 44] "KEVASIM LI'LEVUSHECHA" - lit. "lambs for your clothing" (Mishlei 27:26) - The Gemara is interpreting this as if it says Kevushim - concealed matters (see Hagahos ha'Bach #4)

12) [line 44] KIVSHONO SHEL OLAM - the concealed matters of the world
13) [line 49] NAFKA NURA V'ACHALTEI - a fire went out [from the Chashmal -- Hagahos ha'Bach #6] and consumed him

14) [line 50] BERAM - truly!
15) [line 51] GARVEI - kegs
16) [line 51] ALIYAH - the second story of his house


17) [line 1] MEMALELOS - speak (uttering songs of praise with great intensity -- RABEINU CHANANEL)

18) [line 1] ITIM CHASOS - at times they are silent
19) [line 5] HA'BAZAK - potsherds
20) [line 8] "VA'ERE V'HINEI RU'ACH SE'ARAH..." - "And I looked, and, behold, a stormy wind came from the north, a great cloud, and a fire flaring up, and a brightness was around it, out of its midst, as the color of Chashmal, out of the midst of the fire." (Yechezkel 1:4)

21) [line 17] OFAN - Ofanim are the angels that support the Chayos ha'Kodesh (Fearful Beings of the Holy Sanctuary). They are called Ofanim because when they were seen by prophetic vision they resembled wheels. According to the RAMBAM there are ten levels of angels. The most exalted of the angels are the Chayos ha'Kodesh and below them are the Ofanim. The angels of the sixth level are called Mal'achim (see Hilchos Yesodei ha'Torah 2:7).

22) [line 24] D'AMAR SHEM A'TAGA - he pronounces one of the names of HaSh-m over the crown

23) [line 36] KATEIGOR YE'ASEH SANEIGOR!? - shall the prosecutor become the defense attorney?!

24) [line 37] K'RAVYA - like a child
25a) [line 39] APEI RAVREVEI - a large face
b) [line 39] APEI ZUTREI - a small face
26) [line 44] "HA'SA'IF EINECHA BO V'EINENU..." - "If you blink your eyes at it, it is gone" (Mishlei 23:5) - The Gemara compares the word "ha'Sa'if" from this verse with the word "Ye'ofef" (Yeshayah 6:2) to prove that the wings with which the Chayos ha'Kodesh would "fly" were the ones that were gone.

27) [line 48] KAR'EI - his leg
28) [line 49] "...ELEF ALFIM YESHAMSHUNEI V'RIBO RIVEVAN KADAMOHI YEKUMUN..." - "[A River of Fire issued and came forth from before Him;] a thousand thousands ministered to Him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him; [they sat in judgment, and the books were opened.]" (Daniel 7:10)

29) [line 50] "GEDUDAV" - "his battalions [of Angels]" (Iyov 25:3)
30) [line 51] PAMALYA SHEL MA'ALAH - the attendants of the King (Angels)
31) [line 53] "NAHAR DINUR" - "the River of Fire" (Daniel 7:10)
32) [line 54] "HINEH SA'ARAS HASH-M..." - "Behold, the stormy wind of HaSh-m, gone forth in fury, a whirling tempest; it shall fall upon the head of the wicked." (Yirmeyahu 23:19)

33) [line 55] AL ASHER KUMTU - on [those 974 generations] that (a) were destined [to be created before Matan Torah but were scattered into all of the generations of history, and eventually were sent to Gehinom] (RASHI); (b) were cut down [before their time] (Ibn Ezra to Iyov 22:16)

34) [line 55] "ASHER KUMTU V'LO ES; NAHAR YUTZAK YESODAM" - "Who were cut down (see previous entry) before their time, whose foundation was inundated with a flood;" (Iyov 22:16)

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