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Chagigah 8

CHAGIGAH 8 - sponsored by Harav Ari Bergmann of Lawrence, N.Y., out of love for Torah and those who study it.

1) [line 5] B'TOFEL - when he combines Ma'aser with Chulin
2) [line 10] "MISAS" - "And you shall observe the Feast of Shavu'os for HaSh- m with the *tribute* of voluntary freewill offerings that you give, which should be commensurate with [the blessing that] HaSh-m has blessed you." (Devarim 16:10)

3) [line 21] MISHUM SIKRESA - because of the red dye with which he marks the Ma'aser, which is prohibited on Yom Tov due to the Melachah of Tzove'a (dying)


4) [line 23] V'CHI TEIMA AMORA'EI HU D'PELIGI, MASNAISA LO PELIGI - and if you should say that [according to Rav Sheshes,] only the Amoraim Chizkiyah and Rebbi Yochanan argue [whether a person can combine only animals or only money]. The Beraisa'os [that are brought on Amud Alef as a proof for them] do not argue [that a person can combine money; they only argue if a person can also combine animals, and Rav Sheshes follows the opinion of the second Beraisa that a person can combine both money and animals.]

5) [line 29] YOM TOV SHENI - (a) the second day of the festival, i.e. Chol ha'Mo'ed (as in Sukah 38a -- see Background to Sukah 38:7) (RASHI); (b) the second Yom Tov, i.e. the last day of the festival (RABEINU CHANANEL)

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