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Chagigah 5

CHAGIGAH 4 & 5 - anonymously dedicated by an Ohev Torah and Marbitz Torah in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel.

1) [line 1] U'MECHARYA TANURA - and was sweeping the oven
2) [line 1] A'GABA D'CHAR'AH - on top of her foot
3) [line 2] KADCHAH - her foot was burned
4) [line 2] ISRA MAZALAH - her fate was inauspicious (lit. her luck was shaky)
5) [line 6] D'RA'INA LEHU ANA - I shepherd them, I keep them in my company
6) [line 6] AD D'MALU LEHU L'DARA - until the years of life that were designated for them have passed

7) [line 7] MASHLIMA (LEI) [LEHU] L'DUMAH - I hand them over to Dumah, the angel that guards the dead

8) [line 8] SHNEI MAI AVADET - what do you do with the person's years of life that were taken away?

9) [line 9] D'MA'AVIR B'MILEI - (a) one who does not mete out judgement to people who mistreat him (RASHI Rosh Hashanah 17a); (b) one who forgoes his honor when he is slighted (Yoma 23a)

10) [line 9] V'HAVYA CHILUFEI - and those years take their place
11) [line 11] EVED SHE'RABO MESISIN LO V'NISAS - (lit. a slave whose Master is persuaded to perform detrimental acts upon him) a person to whom bad things happen as a test, and not as a result of a particular sin that he transgressed (based upon METZUDAS DAVID to Iyov 2:3)

12) [line 16] D'MATU - that had ripened
13) [line 18] HANEI NATRAN - these do not spoil
14) [line 21] AD'ZUTAR - when he was young
15) [line 23] MEVA'ET B'RABOSAV HAVAH - consistently rebelled against his teachers
16) [line 40] HA'RAK BI'FNEI CHAVEIRO - one who spits in front of his friend
17) [line 45] KASAFTEI - you embarrassed him
18) [line 46] D'KA MAISI LAH L'YDEI CHASHADA - because he arouses suspicion about her
19) [line 47] MESHAGER - sends
20) [line 48] BASAR SHE'EINO MECHUTACH - (lit. meat that is not cut up) meat that has not had the forbidden fats and forbidden sinews (of the Gid ha'Nasheh) removed

21a) [line 51] SHE'NA'ASOS TZAROS ZEH LA'ZEH - afflictions that [conflict with each other since they need opposite treatments and] are like two wives of the same man
b) [line 51] ZIBURA - a bee [sting]
c) [line 52] AKRAVA - a scorpion [sting]; the remedy for a bee sting is cold water and the remedy for a scorpion sting is hot water

22) [line 53] ZUZA L'ALALA - a Zuz to buy produce, grain (a low price)
23) [line 53] L'TALISA SHECHI'ACH - however, it is available to be wasted
24) [last line] KOL SHE'EINO ME'HESTER PANIM EINO MEHEM - whoever is not under the decree of Hester Panim is not a Jew. Hester Panim includes crying out to HaSh-m that troubles should not happen or should cease and not being answered with deliverance.


25) [line 3] KAMA MESHADRANA B'TZIN'A - how much (money, gifts) I send secretly
26) [line 6] GARVUHU - they plundered him
27) [line 11] YADO NETUYAH ALEINU - His hand is stretched over us to protect us
28) [line 13] ACHAVI LEI - he showed him
29) [line 13] APIKURUSA - a Jew who does not believe in the Oral Law, such as the Tzedukim

30) [line 17] MAI MEHCAVU LEI B'MACHOG - what others show him with their gestures
31) [line 17] YECHAVEI KAMEI MALKA - shall practice the art of gesturing before the king?

32) [line 23] HAVAH GANI TUSEI PURYEI D'RAV - was lying underneath Rav's bed
33) [line 23] SHAM'EI - he heard him
34) [line 24] K'MAN D'LO TA'IM LEI TAVSHILA - (euphemistic) as one who has never had relations before

35) [line 24] KAHANA, PUK! - Kahana, get out!
36) [line 25] L'RATZUYAH - to appease her
37) [line 25] "V'IM LO SISHMA'UHA, B'MISTARIM TIVKEH NAFSHI..." - "But if you will not hear it, My soul shall weep in secret for your pride; [and My eye shall weep bitterly, and run down with tears, because HaSh-m's flock is carried away captive.]" (Yirmeyahu 13:17)

38a) [line 29] BATEI GAVA'EI - the inner chambers
b) [line 29] BATEI VARA'EI - the outer chambers
39) [line 31] "HEN ER'ELAM TZA'AKU CHUTZAH; MAL'ACHEI SHALOM MAR YIVKAYUN." - "Behold, their brave ones shall cry outside; the Angels of peace shall weep bitterly." (Yeshayah 33:7)

40) [line 31] "...V'DAMO'A TIDMA V'SERAD EINI DIM'A, KI NISHBAH EDER HASH-M." - "[But if you will not hear it, My soul shall weep in secret for your pride;] and My eye shall weep bitterly, and run down with tears, because HaSh-m's flock is carried away captive." (Yirmeyahu 13:17)

41) [line 37] SEFER KINOS - the Megilah of Eichah
42) [line 37] MI'IGRA RAM L'VEIRA AMIKTA! - from a high roof to a deep pit!
43) [line 38] HAVU SHAKLEI V'AZLEI B'ORCHA - were walking on the road
44) [line 40] TAKFEI V'AZAL BAHADEI - Rebbi seized him and went with him
45) [line 41] IKU HASHTA MENA'ATAN ME'HAI BIRKESA - had I listened to you (and not have come with you), you would have prevented me from receiving this blessing

46) [line 43] KI KASH - when he became old
47) [line 46] B'MATUSA MINACH - I beg of you, I ask a favor of you
48) [line 46] LO SA'ANISH LEHU RABANAN - do not punish the Talmidei Chachamim

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