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Chagigah 4

CHAGIGAH 4 & 5 - anonymously dedicated by an Ohev Torah and Marbitz Torah in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel.

1) [line 28] HA'MEKAMETZ - (a) (lit. one who scrapes together, collects) one who collects the excrement of dogs in order to process hides (O.F. cordovan - a soft fine-grained leather [originally] made in Cordova, Spain) (RASHI); (b) one who collects the excrement of dogs in order to wash clothes (RASHI to Kesuvos 77a and to Bava Basra 17a, 19a) (c) a small-scale tanner (Gemara Kesuvos 77a)

2) [line 28] HA'METZAREF NECHOSHES - (a) one who smelts copper at the copper mine (RASHI); (b) copper kettle smiths; (c) a copper miner (The last two opinions are quoted in the Gemara Kesuvos 77a)

3) [line 29] HA'BURSI - a tanner who uses excrement to tan hides


4) [line 1] MEFANKEI - those who have been pampered and reared delicately, who cannot walk barefoot

5) [line 2] "...REMOS CHATZEIRAI" - "[When you come to appear before Me, who has required this from you,] to trample My courtyards?" (Yeshayah 1:12)

6) [line 27] "LAMAH HIRGAZTANI" - "why did you disturb me?" (Shmuel I 28:15)
7) [line 30] L'DINA MISBE'INA - I am being called to judgement
8) [line 32] "YITEN BE'AFAR PIHU, ULAI YESH TIKVAH." - "Let him put his mouth in the dust; there may yet be hope." (Eichah 3:29)

9) [line 36] "...V'YESH NISPEH B'LO MISHPAT- "[Much food is in the well tilled acre of the poor;] but sometimes ruin comes for lack of judgment." (Mishlei 13:23) - The Gemara interprets the end of this verse as follows, "but sometimes death comes without a judgment."

10) [line 38] MEGADLA SEI'AR NESHAYA - who braids the hair of women
11) [last line] LEHEVEI L'MINYANA - let her fill the count of people who are supposed to die

12) [last line] HEICHI YACHALT LAH - how were you able to take her soul?
13) [last line] HAVAS NEKITA META'ARA B'YADAH - she was holding a poker in her hand (O.F. forgon - a poker, an instrument used to stoke a fire)

14) [last line] V'HAVAS KA SHAGRA - and she was heating

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