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Bava Metzia 119

BAVA METZIA 119 - The last Daf in Maseches Bava Metzia has been sponsored by Alex and Helen Gross of Rechavya, Jerusalem, builders of a home molded by dedication to Torah and love of their fellow Jews. May the Torah always protect them and their family!


(a) The Mishnah in Orlah also cites the Machlokes with regard to whether shoots that grow from the branches of a tree are subject to Orlah (Rebbi Meir) or not (Rebbi Yehudah).
What is Rebbi Meir referring to when he says 'ha'Yotzei min ha'Geza Chayav'?

(b) What is the reason for this?

(a) Having presented the Machlokes Tana'im with regard to ...
  1. ... our Mishnah, why did the Tana then find it necessary to repeat it with regard to Orlah?
  2. ... Orlah, why did the Tana repeat it here?
(b) How does de'Bei Rebbi Yanai qualify Rebbi Shimon in our Mishnah? What may Reuven (the owner of the upper field) not do?

(c) What do we ask about a case where Reuven is able to reach the branch but not the trunk of the tree that is growing from the dividing wall, or vice-versa? How is 'vice-versa' possible?

(d) What is the outcome of the She'eilah?

(a) Ephrayim Safra ruled like Rebbi Shimon in our Mishnah.
Who was Ephrayim Safra?

(b) What did Shavur Malka say when they cited Rebbi Shimon's opinion in front of him?

(c) Who was Shavur Malka?

(d) On what grounds do we refute the suggestion that Shavur Malka refers here to Shmuel, whose nickname this was?

***** Hadran Alach ha'Bayis ve'ha'Aliyah,
u'Selika Lah Maseches Bava Metzia *****

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