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Bava Metzia 86


(a) What is the siginifance of the combination of ...
  1. ... Rebbi and Rebbi Nasan?
  2. ... Rav Ashi and Ravina?

(b) How is this latter pair hinted in the Pasuk in Tehilam "Ad Avo el Mikdeshei Keil, Avinah le'Acharisam"?

(c) What did Rav Chama the grandson of Chasa tell Rav Kahana about Rabah bar Nachmeini's death?s

(d) What did the people who sneaked on him mean when they informed king that he deprived him of the head-taxes of twelve thousand Jewish men twice a year?

(a) To escape the king's wrath, Rabah, who was Rosh Yeshivah in Pumbedisa, fled from one place to another.
Where did he finally land up?

(b) What happened to one of the policeman who was sent to arrest him when he landed in the same inn where Rabah was hiding?

(c) How did he become healed?

(d) The policeman, realizing that it must have been Rabah who saved him, searched for him and found him. Although he gratefully claimed that he would not have divulged Rabah's whereabouts had his superiors threatened to kill him, what was he afraid might happen?

(e) How did Rabah escape after the policeman locked him in a room in the inn?

(a) After escaping to the fields, where did Rabah sit?

(b) What She'eilah did the Yeshivah shel Ma'alah send him through a Sheli'ach?

(c) What did Hashem and the Angels unanimously agree in a case where ...

  1. ... the Baheres preceded the white hair?
  2. ... the white hair preceded the Baheres?
(d) Why did they send the She'eilah specifically to Rabah bar Nachmeini?
(a) With whose opinion did Rabah concur?

(b) Why was the Angel of Death (who had been sent to take his Neshamah) not initially able to perform his job?

(c) How did he eventually succeed in doing so?

(d) Based on the last words that Rabah uttered before he died, what did a Heavenly Voice proclaim after his death? What were Rabah's last words?

(a) When a note fell from Heaven in Pumbedisa with the news that Rabah had died, who went out to arrange his burial?

(b) At first, they could not find the spot where he had died.
How did they eventually find it?

(c) What happened when they had eulogized him for ...

  1. ... three days and prepared to return home?
  2. ... seven days?
(a) On the day that Rabah died, what happened to an Arab who was riding a camel along the banks of the River Papa?

(b) What statement did he make that caused the storm to abate?

(c) Rebbi Shimon ben Chalafta was very fat.
What did he once promise his daughter on a hot day? Where was he sitting at the time?

(d) What did he say when a wind blew?

(a) We learned in our Mishnah that where the Minhag is to feed the workers or even to give them dessert, one is obligated to do so.
Why does the Tana need to add 'ha'Kol ke'Minhag ha'Medinah'?

(b) What problem do we have with the Tana, who follows the previous statement with the story of Rebbi Yochanan ben Masya and his son?

(c) How do we amend the Mishnah in order to resolve the problem?

Answers to questions



(a) What do we extrapolate from Rebbi Yochanan ben Masya's words 'even if you would prepare for them like the Se'udah of Shlomoh Hamelech ... because they are children of Avraham ... '?

(b) Shlomoh's Se'udah consisted of thirty Sa'ah of So'les and sixty Sa'ah of Kemach, ten healthy bulls, twenty grazing bulls and a hundred sheep ... . Gurion ben Istion in the name of Rav commented that the So'les and the Kemach were merely to make a sort of loaf to draw the scum from the dishes as they cooked on the stove.
What does Rebbi Yitzchak say about the sheep and the bulls?

(c) According to Rav, "Barburim Avusim" means chickens (or swans) that are force-fed.
How does Shmuel interpret it?

(d) According to Rebbi Yochanan, "Evusim" refers also to the bulls mentioned earlier in the Pasuk (Agados Maharsha), and it as only done to bulls and chickens which he describes as 'de'Lo Anisa'.
If, in connection with bulls, this means, bulls that were not worked with, what does it mean in connection with chickens?

(e) Rebbi Yitzchak also explains that each of Shlomoh's thousand wives would prepare that for each main meal.
Why was that?

(a) What does Rav Yehudah Amar Rav learn from the Pasuk in Vayeira "Va'yikach ben Bakar, Rach va'Tov"?

(b) What Kashya does this Pasuk pose on Rebbi Yochanan ben Masya's statement in our Mishnah?

(c) Which species, according to Rebbi Yochanan is the pick of ...

  1. ... the animals?
  2. ... the birds?
(d) Ameimar confines this to a certain black chicken.
Where must this chicken be located and what must it have done to earn itself this prestigious title? What distinguishes it from other chickens?
(a) What prompts Rav to interpret "ben Bakar, Rach va'Tov" as three bulls?

(b) Then why does he also interpret "ben Bakar Rach" (which has no 'Vav' in between) to refer to two bulls?

(c) How will Rebbi Yochanan then explain the continuation of the Pasuk "Va'yiten el ha'Na'ar, Va'yemaher La'asos *Oso*" (suggesting that there was only one bull)?

(a) How do we answer the Kashya how Avraham served his guests meat together with milk?

(b) How does Rav Chanan bar Rava explain Avraham's need to Shecht three bulls for three guests?

(c) How does Rebbi Tanchum bar Chanilai learn the prohibition of deviating from the local custom from ...

  1. ... Moshe Rabeinu?
  2. ... the Angels?
(d) Since when do angels eat?
(a) Rav connects the gifts that Yisrael received in the desert with the various acts of kindness that Avraham performed with the Angels who came to visit him.
What did Avraham Avinu do that earned for his descendants ...
  1. ... the quails?
  2. ... the Manna?
  3. ... G-d standing by them when they were provided with water?
  4. ... water?
(b) Why, in contrast with the previous three gifts, did Yisrael not receive the water directly through Hashem (only through Moshe, with dire consequences)?

(c) In which point does Rebbi Chama b'Rebbi Chanina argue with Rav?
Does he argue with his basic theory (contained in the previous answer)?

(d) According to Rebbi Yanai the son of Rebbi Yishmael, how was Avraham punished for suspecting the Angels of being Arabs? In which regard did he suspect them?

(a) How does Rebbi Chama b'Rebbi Chanina explain the Pasuk "ke'Chom ha'Yom"?
Following which event did this take place?

(b) What was Avraham's reaction when Eliezer came from outside witht the news that there was nobody around?

(c) Whom did *he* find waiting outside his tent? What did he say to Him?

(d) Why did first Hashem and then the Angels, not want to enter the tent?

(a) The three Angels who came to visit him were Michael, Gavriel and Refael. What specific task did each one have to perform?

(b) If Gavriel was sent to overturn S'dom, why did Michael need to accompany him? How do we prove that, despite the Lashon "Va'yavo'u Sh'nei ha'Mal'achim Sedomah ba'Erev", Gavriel alone destroyed S'dom?

(c) Why did Micha'el immediately accept Avraham's invitation to dine, but first refused that of Lot?

Answers to questions

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