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Bava Metzia 85

BAVA METZIA 81-85 - Ari Kornfeld has generously sponsored the Dafyomi publications for these Dafim for the benefit of Klal Yisrael.


(a) Why did Rebbi include in his list of humble people ...
  1. ... the B'nei Beseira?
  2. ... Yonasan ben Shaul?
(b) On what grounds do we query Rebbi's choice of the latter two (leaving us with his father as the only truly humble person [of the category of humility that he is listing])? Why might that not have been genuine humility?

(c) What did Rebbi do when he saw how precious Yisurim were in the eyes of Hashem?

(d) Some say that he suffered from Tzamirta for seven years and from Tzapidna (Rashash) for six; others reverse the order of years.
What is ...

  1. ... Tzamirta?
  2. ... Tzapidna?
(a) The stable man of Rebbi was wealthier than the King of Persia.
Why did he make a point of feeding his horses when Rebbi would go to relieve himself? What does this episode come to teach us?

(b) On what grounds then, was the suffering of Rebbi Elazar b'Rebbi Shimon on a higher plane than that of Rebbi?

(c) What did Rebbi do that ...

  1. ... brought on his Yisurim?
  2. ... that caused them to go away?
(a) During the entire period that Rebbi Elazar b'Rebbi Shimon suffered nobody died prematurely.
What advantage did K'lal Yisrael gain from Rebbi's suffering?

(b) This is based on a statement of Rabah bar Rav Shiloh.
What did he say about the day of rain?

(c) Why did the Rabbanan not pray for Rebbi's Yisurim to stop?

(d) How can anything grow without water?

(a) What did Rebbi discover, when he went to inquire whether Rebbi Elazar b'Rebbi Shimon had left any sons behind?

(b) How did the boy react when ...

  1. ... Rebbi sent him to Rebbi Shimon ben Isi ben Lekunyah to learn Torah?
    Who was he anyway?
  2. ... his Rebbi promised to make him wise, to give him a golden jacket, and that they would (really) call him 'Rebbi'?
(c) What other strategy did Rebbi employ (even before he actually began learning), to induce him to want to learn?

(d) Later, Rebbi Yossi b'Rebbi Elazar went to learn in Rebbi's Yeshivah.
To whom did Rebbi refer when he quoted the Pasuk in Mishlei ...

  1. ... "P'ri Tzadik Eitz Chayim"?
  2. ... "ve'Loke'ach Nefashos Chacham"?
(a) When Rebbi Yossi b'Rebbi Elazar died, they wanted to bury him in the same cave as his father and grandfather, but the snake (of which we spoke earlier) would not let them in.
Why was that? Was it because Rebbi Yossi was not as great as his father?

(b) Rebbi also went to inquire whether Rebbi Tarfon (of two generations earlier) had left any sons.
What did they tell him?

(c) When he found him in the same situation as Rebbi Yossi b'Rebbi Elazar had been, he offered him his daughter, if he would do Teshuvah.
What happened after that? Why did he do that?

(d) The reason that Rebbi got into the habit of inquiring about the sons of Tzadikim, is based on a statement of Rav (or Rebbi Yochanan or Rebbi Yonasan). What did Rav say about someone who teaches Torah to ...

  1. ... someone else's son?
  2. ... the son of an Am ha'Aretz?
(a) What does Rebbi Parnach Amar Rebbi Yochanan extrapolate from ...
  1. ... the Pasuk in Yeshayah "va'Ani Zos B'risi Amar Hashem ... Lo Yamushu mi'Picha, mi'Pi Zar'acha u'mi'Pi Zera Zar'acha"?
  2. ... the continuation of the Pasuk "Amar Hashem"?
  3. ... the next words "me'Atah ve'Ad Olam" (though this is actually the D'rashah of Rebbi Yirmiyah)?
(b) What happened after Rav Yosef had conducted ...
  1. ... forty fasts? Which Pasuk did they show him in a dream?
  2. ... a second set of forty fasts?
  3. ... a third set of forty fasts?
(c) Why did he stop there?
(a) Rebbi Zeira fasted forty fasts in order to forget what he had learned in Bavel.
Why did he do that?

(b) Why did he fast a second set?

(c) He fasted a third set so that the fire of Gehinom should not effect him. How did he put this to the test?

(d) What happened on one occasion when the Chachamim gave him an Ayin ha'Ra?
What did he subsequently become known as?

Answers to questions



(a) Rav Yehudah Amar Rav explains the Pasuk in Yirmiyah which discusses the question "Al Mah Avdah ha'Aretz (What was the cause of the detruction of the first Beis Hamikdash)?", a question which baffled the greatest.
Who is referred to (in this context) by ...
  1. ... "Mi ha'Ish he'Chacham"?
  2. ... "va'Asher D'var Pi Hashem Eilav Ve'yagidah"?
(b) Hashem Himself answered it, when He said "Al Azvam es Torasi".
How does Rav Yehudah Amar Rav, based on the continuation "Asher Nasati *Lifneihem*" interpret this? What is the logic behind it?

(c) Who is the Pasuk in Mishlei referring to when it writes ...

  1. ... be'Lev Navon Tanu'ach Chochmah"?
  2. ... u've'Kerev Kesilim Toda"?
(d) How is this expressed in the adage cited by Ula 'A small coin in a flask makes a big noise (when it is rattled)'?

(e) How did Rebbi Zeira explain the Pasuk in Iyov ...

  1. ... "Katon ve'Gadol Hu"?
  2. ... "ve'Eved Chofshi el Adonav"?
(a) Resh Lakish was marking graves.
Why did he become agitated? What did he ask Hashem?

(b) What did a Heavenly Voice reply?

(c) When Rebbi Chiya was arguing with Rebbi Chanina, the latter asked him how he could argue with someone who, if Torah were forgotten, would revive it with his Pilpul.
What did Rebbi Chiya retort?

(d) What would Rebbi Chiya do after ...

  1. ... planting flax and making nets? What would he do with the nets?
  2. ... manufacturing parchment with the skin of the deer?
  3. ... teaching five children the five books of the Torah (one book each)?
  4. ... having taught the eleven children both the entire written and oral Toros?
(a) What did Rebbi exclaim about Rebbi Chiya's deeds?

(b) What did Rebbi reply when Rebbi Yishmael b'Rebbi Yossi asked him whether Rebbi Chiya's deeds even outweighed ...

  1. ... his own?
  2. ... his (Rebbi Yishmael b'Rebbi Yossi's) father's?
(c) The deceased Rebbi Yossi b'Rebbi Chanina told Rebbi Zeira in a dream that in Olam ha'Ba he sat next to Rebbi Yochanan, Rebbi Yochanan's next to Rebbi Yanai, and Rebbi Yanai next to Rebbi Chanina.
Next to whom did Rebbi Chanina sit?

(d) What did Rebbi Yossi b'Rebbi Chanina reply, when Rebbi Zeira asked him why Rebbi Yochanan (their Rebbe) did not sit next to Rebbi Chiya?

(a) What did Rav Chaviva bar Suramki notice that was strange about the eyes of that Talmid-Chacham who was often visited by Eliyahu Hanavi?

(b) He explain to him that this was the result of his having disregarded Eliyahu's advice when he took him to see the Rabbanan in the Yeshivah shel Ma'alah.
What did ...

  1. ... Eliyahu advise him?
  2. ... he actually do? What happened subsequently?
(c) How did he know which was Rebbi Chiya's carriage?

(d) How did he become cured?

(a) Eliyahu used to frequent Rebbi's Beis-Hamedrash.
Why did he once arrive late? What delayed him?

(b) What did he reply when Rebbi asked him whether there was not a way to bring Mashi'ach early here in this world?

(c) How did Rebbi act on this information?

(a) What happened when Rebbi Chiya and his sons said ...
  1. ... 'Mashiv ha'Ru'ach"?
  2. ... 'Morid ha'Gashem'?
(b) What was the punch-line? What did Rebbi expect to happen?

(c) What actually happened when Rebbi Chiya and his sons were about to recite 'Mechayeh ha'Meisim'?

(d) Why did Eliyahu Hanavi receive sixty lashes with flashes of lightning?

(a) Who was Shmuel Yarchina'ah? What was his profession? Why was he called by that name?

(b) Why did he not cure Rebbi's eye ailment with ...

  1. ... drops in the eyes?
  2. ... a regular salve smeared on his eyes?
(c) So how *did* he cure him?

(d) How did he reassure Rebbi, when, somehow or other, the latter tried unsuccessfully to give him Semichah?

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