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Prepared by Rabbi P. Feldman
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Rosh Kollel: Rabbi Mordecai Kornfeld

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Bava Metzia 119

BAVA METZIA 119 - The last Daf in Maseches Bava Metzia has been sponsored by Alex and Helen Gross of Rechavya, Jerusalem, builders of a home molded by dedication to Torah and love of their fellow Jews. May the Torah always protect them and their family!


(a) (Mishnah - R. Meir): Orlah applies to what grows out of a stump or roots (the first three years, whatever grows is forbidden);
(b) R. Yehudah says, Orlah applies to what grows out of the roots, not to what grows out of the stump.
(c) They must argue in both cases.
1. If they only argued regarding a tree in another's field - one might have thought that R. Yehudah only argues regarding money, but regarding Orlah, a prohibition, he admits (that Orlah applies even to what grows from the stump);
2. If they only argued regarding Orlah - one might have thought that R. Meir only argues by a prohibition, but regarding money he admits (that what grows from the stump belongs to the owner of the tree).
(d) (Mishnah - R. Shimon): Whatever Shimon can reach he takes, the rest belongs to Reuven.
(e) (D'vei R. Yanai): Shimon may not stretch more than normal.
(f) Question (Rav Anan): What if he can reach the foliage but not the roots, or vice-versa?
(g) This question is not resolved.
(h) (Efra'im Sifra): The Halachah follows R. Shimon.
(i) When Shevor Malka (the Persian king) heard this, he praised R. Shimon.
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