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prepared by Rabbi Eliezer Chrysler
Kollel Iyun Hadaf, Jerusalem

Bava Kama 2

BAVA KAMA 2 - the opening Daf in Seder Nezikin has been dedicated by Rabbi Dr. Eli Turkel of Ra'anana, Israel, to the memory of his father, Reb Yisrael Shimon ben Shlomo ha'Levi Turkel, whose Yarhzeit is tomorrow (10 Av).

Please note that unless otherwise indicated, we follow the explanation of Rashi. Consequently, our notes and comments do not necessarily have any bearing on the practical Halachah.


(a) There are four Avos Nezikin.
What are they?

(b) What are 'Avos Nezikin'?

(c) Why does the Tana not follow the same order as he does further on in the Mishnah 'Lo Harei ha'Shor ke'Harei ha'Mav'eh ... '?

(d) Assuming 'Shor' to mean the damage of 'Regel', and Mav'eh, that of 'Shen', what does the Tana mean when he says 'Lo Harei ha'Shor ke'Harei ha'Mav'eh'?

(a) Why do we need a Pasuk to teach us the obligation to pay of someone who ...
  1. ... lights a fire? Why can we not learn it from Shor and Mav'eh?
  2. ... digs a pit? Why can we not learn it from Shor, Mav'eh and Hev'er?
(b) What two specifications do all four Avos have in common?

(c) Assuming that the Mazik pays with Karka, what quality ground does he pay with?

(d) Is he obligated to pay with Karka, if the Nizak asks for it?

(a) Where there are Avos, there must be Toldos.
In which two other areas of Halachah do we find this distinction?

(b) Is there any basic difference between the thirty-nine Avos and the Toldos regarding Shabbos?

(c) Then why does the Tana refer specifically to those thirty-nine as Avos and the rest as Toldos, according to ...

  1. ... the Chachamim of Rebbi Eliezer)?
  2. ... Rebbi Eliezer?
Answers to questions



(a) What do a Sheretz, Shichvas-Zera (semen) and a Tamei Meis have in common?

(b) Seeing as a Tamei Meis is not a source, how can he be an Av ha'Tum'ah?

(c) In what way do Toldos ha'Tum'ah differ from Avos?

(d) When they asked whether the Toldos of Nezikin follow the specifications of the Avos (like Shabbos) or not (like Tum'ah), Rav Papa gave a vague answer.
What did he say?

(a) How many Avos does the Tana of the Beraisa list in 'Shor'?

(b) What does he learn from the Pasuk ...

  1. ... in Melachim "Vaya'as Lo Tzidkiyah ... Karnei Barzel, Va'yomer, Koh Amar Hashem ... be'Eileh *Tenagach* es Aram"?
  2. ... in ve'Zos ha'Berachah "Bechor Shoro Hadar Lo, ve'Karnei Lahem Karnav, Bahem Amim *Yenagach*"? Why is the Pasuk in Melachim not sufficient?
(c) The initial suggestion is that 'Divrei Torah mi'Divrei Kabalah Lo Yalfinan'.
What does 'Divrei Kabalah' refer to?

(d) On what grounds do we refute that suggestion?

(a) Negifah, Neshichah, Revitzah and Be'itah are all Toldos of Keren. Under what condition are they Chayav?

(b) Considering that, in the Parshah, the Torah also writes "Ki Yigof", why is Negifah not considered an Av, too?

(c) What can we infer from the fact that the Torah refers to Negichah (by Shor de'Azik Shor) with the Lashon "Ki Yigof" (which implies a less forceful action)?

(d) And what are the ramifications of this distinction?

(a) What makes ...
  1. ... Neshichah a Toldah of Keren and not of Shen?
  2. ... Be'itah a Toldah of Keren and not of Regel?
(b) On what grounds then, do we reject the proposal that Rav Papa's 'Toldoseihen La'av ke'Yotze Bahen' refers to the Toldos of Keren?

(c) So we switch to Shen ve'Regel. Bearing in mind that the Torah writes "*ve'Shilach* es Be'iro *u'Bi'er* bi'S'deh Acher", what do we learn from the Pasuk ...

  1. ... in Yeshayah "*Meshalchei Regel* ha'Shor ve'ha'Chamor"?
  2. ... in Melachim "Ka'asher *Yeva'er* ha'Galal ad Tumo"?
(d) In the previous Pasuk, Shen might be referred to as "Galal" because it is sometimes revealed.
What other connection might there be for the conection?
Answers to questions

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