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Bava Kama 47

There is a Machlokes whether "Ubar Yerech Imo" - "a fetus is no more than a thigh of its mother" (i.e. it is only to be considered as a part of its mother) -- or if the mother and its fetus are considered to be two different entities. From our Gemara it is clear that Rava rules that Ubar Yerech Imo (see TOSFOS DH Mai Ta'ama Gufa Hi).

b) [line 7] PIRSHA B'ALMA HU - it is merely a separated discharge [of the hen]

2) [line 8] EIN SHAMIN - we do not evaluate [the value]
3) [line 11] MAKCHISH - to cause a loss
4) [line 12] KOTE'A - to cut off
5) [line 17] PITMA L'VA'AL PARAH - The increase in the value of the cow due to becoming fatter during pregnancy (but not as a result of the fetus) belongs to the owner of the cow

6) [line 17] NAFCHA MAI? - The increase in the value of the cow due to the extra bulk brought about by the pregnancy belongs to whom?

7) [line 20] HA'KADAR - a potter


8) [line 4] HIV'ISH MEIMAV - and it cased the well water to become putrid
9) [line 17] TAVRA! MI SHE'SHANAH ZU, LO SHANAH ZU! - (a) there is a contradiction (between the two parts of the Mishnah) (RASHI); (b) a word used as an oath (TOSFOS to Kesuvos 75b DH Tavra, citing RABEINU CHANANEL)

10) [line 21] HUCHLEKAH BAHEN - it slipped on them (the fruits or grains)
11) [line 22] HAVAH LAH SHE'LO SOCHAL - it should not have eaten them
12) [line 22] AMINA, KI NAYIM V'SHACHIV RAV, AMAR L'AH SHEMA'ATA - I think that Rav must have been dozing off or sleeping when he taught this Halachah

13) [line 23] SAM HA'MAVES - poison
14) [line 23] PATUR MI'DINEI ADAM CHAYAV B'DINEI SHAMAYIM - he is exempt from laws of man, but he is liable by the laws of Heaven

15) [line 27] AFRAZTA - a plant that is poisonous to cattle, possibly hypericum or St.-John's-wort, a large and widely distributed genus of herbs and shrubs (family Guttiferae) that are characterized chiefly by their pentamerous and often showy yellow flowers. Hypericism is a severe dermatitis of domestic herbivorous animals due to photosensitivity resulting from eating hypericum.

16) [line 30] UD'KA'ARI LAH, MAI KA'ARI LAH - the one who asked this question, why did he ask it (since the answer is obvious)?

17) [line 34] HITRIZ - became afflicted with diarrhea
18) [line 36] CHANAK - choked

19) [line 38] NEZAKIN D'VEI KARNA - The Mishnayos of Seder Nezikin taught in the Yeshiva of Karna

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