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Bava Kama 31

BAVA KAMA 31 - - dedicated by Reb Gedalia Weinberger of Brooklyn, N.Y. in memory of his father, Reb Chaim Tzvi ben Reb Shlomo Weinberger (Yahrzeit: 18 Adar). Reb Chaim Tzvi, who miraculously survived the holocaust, always remained strongly dedicated to Torah and its study.

1) [line 1] SELIKUSTA - (a) date refuse that is left after the beer is removed; (b) a cake of congealed date lees used as donkey fodder

2) [line 3] HANHU MUSARIN HAVU - they (the owners) had been warned [a number of times to remove their Chushlei from Reshus ha'Rabim]

3) [line 3] KADARIN - potters

4a) [line 12] AMAD L'CHATEF - he stopped in order to rearrange the burden on his shoulder
b) [line 13] AMAD LAFUSH - he stopped in order to rest

5) [line 16] ZAGAGIN - glassmakers or dealers in glassware
6a) [line 24] NIZKEI GUFO - the damages caused by one's person
b) [line 24] NIZKEI MAMONO - the damages caused by one's possessions


7) [line 3] HAI BEIRA, LAV ANA KERISEI - (lit. "I did not dig that pit") the Rishon caused the utensils of the Sheni to fall into Reshus ha'Rabim and become Mazikim

8) [line 5] L'VAR - with the exception of
9) [line 15] KOL TAKALAH BOR HU - all stumbling blocks have the status of Bor
10) [line 18] TIRGEMAH RAV ADA BAR MINYOMI - Rav Ada bar Minyomi explained it (the phrase "u'Fturin Al Nizkei Mamonan" from the Beraisa above (line 4))

11) [line 22] D'FASKAH L'URCHEI KI'SHILDA - he blocked the entire width of the road like a large carcass

12) [line 23] K'CHUTRA D'SAMYUSA - like the walking stick of a blind man (diagonally across the road -- TOSFOS)

13) [line 24] KORASO - his beam

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