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Bava Kama 29

1) [line 1] PATUR MI'DINEI ADAM V'CHAYAV B'DINEI SHAMAYIM - his punishment is not administered by the courts, but through divinely administered justice

2) [line 4] KANKANIN - barrels
3) [line 20] D'AVRAH B'MAYA DERECH SHERA'TA D'NAHARA - it walked through the water when the river overflowed its banks

4) [line 23] D'ASKIL, V'ASKILAH BEI GAMLA - he tripped (on a flat dry road) and in turn his camel tripped on him


5) [line 18] TISTAYEM - conclude
6) [line 22] CHAMETZ MI'SHESH SHA'OS UL'MA'ALAH - Chametz from after six [Halachic] hours (midday) on Erev Pesach. Since it then becomes Asur b'Hana'ah, it should have become Hefker, and the owner should not be transgressing the prohibition of "Lo Yira'eh," having Chametz in his possession

7) [line 24] HA'HOFECH ES HA'GALAL - turns over a dung pile
8) [line 34] TAMEMAH - filled it up
9) [line 37] KESHE'HAFCHAH L'FACHOS MI'SHELOSHAH - while he turned it over he kept it within three Tefachim of the ground so it was a Bor at all times

10) [line 41] MASNISIN KESHISEI - the Mishnah is difficult for him, i.e. the language of that Mishnah compels him to say this explanation

11) [line 42] MAI IRYA HAFACH? - why did it need to speak of a case of Hafach
12) [line 45] HA'MATZNI'A - a person who hides
13) [line 45] KOTZ - a thorn
14) [line 45] ZECHUCHIS - shard of glass

15a) [line 47] MAFRI'ACH - he lets the thorns expand into the space of the Reshus ha'Rabim
b) [line 47] METZAMTZEM - contains the thorns within his own Reshus
16) [line 51] L'HISCHAKECH B'KOSALIM - to rub into walls
17) [line 51] HALACHAH KI'STAM MISHNAH - Rebbi Yochanan rules that the Halachah follows the opinion in a Mishnah that is recorded anonymously ("Stam")

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