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Bava Kama 21

1) [line 4] AD'HACHI - in the meantime
2) [line 4] NACH NAFSHEI D'RAV HUNA - Rav Huna passed away
3) [line 20] "[NISH'AR BA'IR SHAMAH;] U'SH'IYAH YUKAS SHA'AR." - "[In the city is left desolation,] and the gate is struck with destruction." (Yeshayah 24:12) "Sh'iyah" ("destruction") alludes to the name of a destructive demon.

4a) [line 21] L'DIDI CHAZI LEI - to me he (the demon) appeared
b) [line 22] U'MENA'GE'ACH KI SORA - and it gores like a bull

5) [line 23] BEISA MEISVA, YASIV - when a house is inhabited, it is in repair

6a) [line 25] TZIVEI - kindling wood. RASHI explains that the owner was using it for storing the wood so the demon was anyway not there and the only benefit is "Beisa Meisva." The SHITAH MEKUBETZES learns that the squatter used it only for wood, so the only benefit is scaring away the demon
b) [line 25] TIVNA - straw

7) [line 26] APADNA - (a) palace
8) [line 26] KILKALTA D'YASMEI - a garbage dump which belongs to orphans
9) [line 29] KARMANA'EI - 1) the name of a nation; 2) alt. "Kadmanai" - prior inhabitants

10) [line 33] MACHZERES - turned its head to eat from the side
11) [line 44] HU MOSIV LAH, V'HU MEFAREK LAH - he asked the question and he himself answered it

12) [line 45] D'KAIMA B'KEREN ZAVIS - the store is on the corner, and therefore the animal did not have to change its path in order to get there

13) [line 47] MEKATZEH MAKOM ME'RESHUSO LI'RESHUS HA'RABIM - someone allows the public to use part of his domain


14) [line 2] LAV KOL KEMINACH - you do not have the power [to nullify the rumor with your Amasla]

15) [line 26] TECHILASO BI'PESHI'AH V'SOFO B'ONES - although the eventual damage was an Ones and something for which the owner would not normally be responsible, he was negligent in the first place in such a way that could have led to damages

16) [line 35] KOSEL RA'U'A - a shaky wall

17a) [line 35] IBA'I LEI L'ASUKEI DA'ATA - he should have realized the possible outcome
b) [line 36] D'NAFIL ARCHEI - the bricks of the railing of the roof fell
18) [line 39] DALGU - jumped

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