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Bava Kama 18

BAVA KAMA 18 (25 Av)- dedicated by Mrs. G. Kornfeld for the first Yahrzeit of her mother, Mrs. Gisela Turkel (Golda bas Chaim Yitzchak Ozer), an exceptional woman with an iron will who loved and respected the study of Torah.

1) [line 4] TIRGEMA A'CHEVEL - explain it as it regards the damage of the rope itself, not the damage of the pitcher

2) [line 5] MA'US B'LISHAH - it was smeared with dough
3) [line 8] NITAZ MIMENU SHEVER - a shard flew out from it

4a) [line 12] KOCHO - an act not done with the body itself, rather through the power of the body, i.e. throwing a stone
b) [line 12] KO'ACH KOCHO - indirect force, where the original force causes a reaction which causes the act.

5) [line 16] DEKA'AZIL MINEI MINEI - the chicken went along with the rolling pitcher until it broke and did not propel it away

6) [line 26] CHARARAH - a flat cake baked on coals
7) [line 27] GADISH - a stack of grain

When a Shor damages three times and changes from a Tam to a Mu'ad, two Halachos change: 1. Whereas one pays Chatzi Nezek (half the value of the damage) for the damage done by a Tam, one pays Nezek Shalem (the entire value of the damage) for the damage done by a Mu'ad; 2. the liability for damage done by a Tam is limited to the worth of the Shor that does the damage (Shor ha'Mazik), while the damage done by a Mu'ad has unlimited liability. "Tzad Tamus bi'Mekomah Omedes" means that the unlimited liability only relates to the second half of the damages which is incurred by the fact that it is a Mu'ad. The first half is still limited to the value of the Shor.


9) [line 15] DAYO LA'BA MIN HA'DIN LIHEYOS KA'NIDON - it is sufficient to give the Halachah learned from a Kal va'Chomer the exact status of the Halachah from which it was learned.

10) [line 17] HEICHA D'MAFRICH KAL VA'CHOMER - where -- if we invoke the rule of Dayo (see previous entry) -- we will remain without learning anything from the Kal va'Chomer

11) [line 25] SHE'HITILAH GELALIM B'ISAH - defecated on [someone else's] dough
12) [line 28] D'DACHIK LEI ALMA - it was stuck and could not move away
13) [line 30] BASAR GUFEI GERIRIN - they emit from the body
14) [line 31] TAKA - crowed
15) [line 32] AMREI BEI RAV - it was said in the house of study
16a) [line 32] SUS SHE'TZANAF - a horse that neighed
b) [line 32] CHAMOR SHE'NI'ER - a donkey that brayed

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