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Bava Kama 16

1) [line 40] PAKIN - small vessels
2) [line 42] L'MA'ECH - to crush
3) [line 49] APA - see Tzavu'a (next entry)
4) [line 49] TZAVU'A - a hyena; a panther
5) [line 51] ATALEF - a bat
6) [line 52] ARPAD - a different species of bat
7) [line 52] KIMOSH - a thorn
8) [line 53] CHO'ACH - a different species of thorn
9) [line 53] SHED - a demon
10) [line 53] SHIDRO SHEL ADAM - a person's spine
11) [last line] D'LO KARA B'MODIM - if he did not bow by Modim


12a) [line 4] DARAS - to pounce and eat without killing the prey first
b) [line 4] TARAF - to kill the prey and then eat it
13a) [line 6] PEIROS - fruit
b) [line 6] YERAKOS - vegetables

14) [line 9] "ARYEH TOREF... ME'ONOSAV" - "The lion tears its prey for its cubs, and strangles prey for its lionesses; and it fills up its lairs with prey, and its dens with carcasses" (Nachum 2:13). The verse implies that a lion is Toref (attacks its prey, killing it first) but the Gemara explains that the lion is only Toref when it needs to feed its young, or to bring the prey to its cave. It is not, however, the lion's nature to kill and then eat immediately; rather, if he is planning on eating it, he eats it live.

15) [line 14] TARFAH BEHEMAH V'ACHLAH BASAR - it attacked an animal and ate the flesh

16) [line 15] TARFAH L'HANI'ACH - it originally meant to kill it and leave it
17) [line 16] NIMLECHAH - changed his mind
18) [line 18] LI'TZEDADIN KETANI - the two statements are dealing with different cases

19) [line 20] ARI TARBUS - a trained/tamed lion
20) [line 30] ME'ULEH SHEB'NECHASAV - his best property
21) [line 31] "VA'YISHKAV [YE]CHIZKIYAHU IM AVOSAV..." - "And Chizkiyahu passed away, and they buried him in the best of the tombs of the descendants of David...." (Divrei ha'Yamim II 32:33)

22) [line 34] "VA'YIKBERUHU V'KIVROSAV ASHER KARAH LO..." - "And they buried him (King Asa) in his grave which he had dug for himself in the City of David, and they laid him down in a bed that he had filled with spices and perfumes...." (Divrei ha'Yamim II 16:14)

23) [line 37] ZINEI ZINEI - various types of spices
24) [line 39] "... KI CHARU SHUCHAH LELACHDENI U'FACHIM TAMNU L'RAGAI" - "... because they have dug a pit to trap me, and traps they have hidden for my feet." (Yirmeyahu 18:22)

25) [line 47] "V'ATAH HASH-M YADATA ES KOL ATZASAM ALAI LA'MAVES" - "You, HaSh-m, know all of their counsel against me for death...." (Yirmeyahu 18:23)

26) [line 49] BE'ER TIT - a pit full of clay
27) [line 50] "... [VE]YIHEYU MUCHSHALIM LEFANECHA B'ES APECHA ASEH VAHEM" - "... May they be made to stumble before You, at the time of Your anger act upon them." (Yirmeyahu 18:23)

28) [line 52] BENEI ADAM SHE'EINAN MEHUGANIM - unscrupulous people; imposters

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