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Berachos 44

1) If they bring in a salty dish together with bread, the Berachah over the salty dish will exempt the bread from a Berachah.

(a) To which sort of salty dish would bread be secondary?
Rabba bar bar Chanah claimed that they would follow Rebbi Yochanan to eat the fruit of Ginusar, and that 'Ki Havinan Bei Mei'ah, Menaktinan Lei le'Chol Chad ve'Chad Asarah Asarah'.
(b) What does this mean?

(c) What happened to the various Amora'im when they partook of the fruit of Ginusar?

There was a tree on Har Hamelech (in the days of Yanai ha'Melech), from which they used to obtain forty Sa'ah of young birds, which were hatched three times monthly, to feed the workers who cut the figs.
(d) What is the Gemara coming to teach us with this statement?
(a) It is a great Yichus for a Kohen to marry a Bas Kohen. How many pairs of brothers who were Kohanim married pairs of Benos Kohen who were sisters in Gufnis (See Maharsha regarding the significance of the name 'Gufnis'), and how many such cases could they find in Bavel (from Sura to Neherda'a)?

(b) What significance does the Gemara attach to salt and to a dish with gravy?

(a) According to Rabban Gamliel, which Berachah Acharonah does one recite over grapes, figs and pomegranates?

(b) What is the opinion of the Chachamim in this regard?

(c) And what does Rebbi Akiva say?

(d) In the opinion of Rebbi Tarfon, which Berachah Rishonah does one recite over water?

(a) What is Rabban Gamliel's source for necessitating Bensching over all the seven kinds?

(b) Seeing as the Pasuk does indeed mention all seven kinds before writing "ve'Achalta ve'Sava'ata u'Veirachta", why do the Rabbanan restrict Bensching to bread?

(c) What does Rabban Gamliel do with the fact that 'Eretz' is written where it is?

(a) Over what kinds of food does one recite 'Mezonos' before, and 'Al ha'Michyah' after.
According to Rav Chisda, the Berachah Acharonah over fruit concludes 'Al ha'Aretz ve'Al Peiroseha', and according to Rebbi Yochanan 'Al ha'Aretz ve'Al ha'Peiros'.
(b) What makes this version of the Machlokes illogical?

(c) How does the Gemara amend it?

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6) According to some Amora'im, no Berachah Acharonah is required over vegetables or over water.

(a) What does Rav papa rule in this matter?

(b) What did Rav Ashi used to do, and what is the Halachah?

7) There is nothing that requires a Berachah Acharonah but not Berachah Rishonah. There are however, things that require a Berachah Rishonah, but no Berachah Acharonah.

What would these be ...

(a) ... according to the Amora'im whom we cited above?

(b) ... according to Rav Papa?

(c) Which Berachah did the Benei Eretz Yisrael used to recite after removing their Tefilin?

(d) According to them, what is it that requires a Berachah before and not after?

(a) Of all foods the size of an egg, which is the healthiest?
According to Ravin, 'Tava Bei'sasa Gulgalta mi'Shita Kaisi Sulta'.
(b) What does this mean?

(c) According to Rav Dimi, what is still healthier than a slightly-boiled (and still runny) egg?

(a) Which kind of vegetable is considered a meal (and which Rebbi Akiva therefore maintains requires Bensching)?

(b) Why should one chew the spleen of an animal, but not swallow it?

(c) And why would one boil leek and swallow it without chewing it?

(a) What is the effect of eating food that has only partially grown?

(b) Until which stage of growth does the above apply?

When they brought raw vegetables before Ameimar, Rav Ashi and Mar Zutra - before four hours in the morning had passed, the former two ate, but Mar Zutra did not?
(c) Why were the former two surprised at Mar Zutra?

(d) How did Mar Zutra justify himself?

(a) What does the Gemara say about a tiny fish that is found among the reeds?

(b) And what does the Gemara say about the neck (the Beis ha'Shechitah) of the animal?

(c) Mangold (a kind of beet) is healthy, but what are the advantages of eating cabbage?

(d) Which other two things, besides Mei Sisin (a type of herb), the womb and the lobe of the liver, is included in the list of things which the Beraisa considers healthy?

12) According to Abaye, turnip, which is unhealthy when eaten on its own, is healthy when it is cooked with juicy meat.
(a) What does Rava say?
Rebbi Yochanan agrees with Rava's opinion.
(b) What do Shmuel and Rav Papa hold?

(c) Why did Rava refer to Rav Papa as 'Sudni'?

13) Salted fish is unhealthy on certain days after it has been salted.
(a) When does the salt make no difference?

(b) What is a good antidote for someone who eats it when it is not well cooked?

(c) When does one not recite a Berachah over water?

Hadran Alach, 'Keitzad Mevorchin'!

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