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Berachos 28


(a) What dramatic change occured in the Beis Hamedrash when Rebbi Elazar ben Azaryah became Rosh Yeshivah, and what was its cause?

(b) Why did Rabban Gamliel used to place a guard at the entrance to the Beis Hamedrash?

(c) How did they console Rabban Gamliel in a dream?

(d) How meaningful was the consolation?

(a) Which Masechta was learnt on that day, and why?

(b) How is 'that day' known throughout Shas?

(c) How did Rabban Gamliel react to his deposition as Nasi?

3) Rabban Gamliel maintained that an Amoni convert is forbidden to marry a Kasher Jewess.
(a) Considering that Sancheiriv had already exiled them, why should this prohibition still apply?

(b) What did Rebbi Yehoshua, who permitted it, do with the Pasuk in Yirmiyah "ve'Acharei Chein, Ashiv es Shevus B'nei Amon"?

(c) Even according to Rebbi Yehoshua, why do we not suspect that perhaps the convert, wherever he may come from, is from the minority of Amonim in the world?

(a) What was Rebbi Yehoshua's profession, and how did he reprimand Rabban Gamliel in this regard, when Rabban Gamliel came to pacify him?
Initially, Rebbi Yehoshua did not want to forgive Rabban Gamliel.
(b) On whose merit did he do so?
When 'that launderer' failed to pacify the Chachamim, because Rebbi Akiva, thinking that he had come upon the instigation of Rabban Gamliel, Rebbi Yehoshua himself went.
(c) What did he mean by 'Mazeh ben Mazeh Yazeh, ve'she'Eino Lo Mazeh, ve'Lo Mazeh ben Mazeh, Yomar le'Mazeh ben Mazeh, Meimecha Mei Ma'arah, ve'Afrecha Eifer Makleh'?

(d) On what grounds did Rebbi Akiva accept Rebbi Yehoshua's request?

(e) What was the problem in re-instating Rabban Gamliel, and how did they resolve it? What is the meaning of 'Shabbos shel Mi Haysa'?

(f) What was the name of the Talmid who asked Rabban Gamliel the original Sha'aleh?

(a) According to the Chachamim, what is someone who delays Musaf after the seventh hour called?

(b) What did Rebbi Zeira do when he felt too weak to learn?

(c) What Chidush did he learn on that occasion, which so impressed him that he asked to hear it forty times?

(d) How does the Gemara explain the Pasuk in Tzefanya "Nugi mi'Mo'eid. Asafti Mimcha Hayu" - as regards both Tefilas Musaf and Shachris, according to Rebbi Yehudah? What are the two connotations of the word "Nugi" (respectively)?

(e) What is the meaning of the Pasuk in Eichah "Besuloseha Nugos"?

Answers to questions


6) It is forbidden to eat anything at all before Shachris.

(a) Does this ruling also apply to Musaf (like Rav Huna), and to Minchah (like Rebbi Yehoshua ben Levi)?
Rebbi Ivya felt weak from hunger, so he stayed at home one Shabbos, and missed Rav Yosef's Derashah.
(b) What did Abaye tell him he could have done, to be at the Derashah, and what was his mistake in not doing so?

(c) Why did he not make Kidush and eat something straight after Shachris, and then go to Shul to hear the Derashah?

7) What is the gist of Rebbi Nechunyah ben ha'Kanah's Tefilah ...
(a) ... before learning?

(b) ... after learning?

(c) What is the meaning of 've'Lo Ikashel bi'D'var Halachah, ve'Yismechu Vi Chaveirai'?

8) One of the paths of life that Rebbi Eliezer taught his Talmidim on his deathbed was 'Man'u Beneichem min ha'Hegyon'.
(a) What does this mean (two explanations)?

(b) What are the two reasons that caused Rabban Yochanan ben Zakai to cry on his deathbed?

(c) Why did his Talmidim express surprise at the strange Berachah that he bestowed upon them?

(d) How did Rabban Yochanan justify it?

(e) What were his last recorded words?

9) According to Rabban Gamliel, everyone is obligated to Daven the full Amidah each day.
(a) What does Rebbi Yehoshua hold in this regard, and what is Rebbi Akiva's compromise?

(b) Is someone who is traveling in a dangerous place obligated to Daven the Amidah?

(a) What should two travelers do, if they are riding a donkey and the time for Tefilah arrives?

(b) What happens if there is only one traveler riding a donkey?

(c) What must a person on a boat or on a raft do when he needs to Daven the Amidah?

(a) To which three things do the eighteen Berachos of the Amidah correspond?

(b) Now that we Daven nineteen Berachos, how do they correspond to the same three things?

(c) How far is one obligated to bow down during Tefilah?

(d) What should someone do if it hurts him to bow so low?

12) Shimon ha'Pekuli arranged the text of the Amidah.
(a) In front of whom did he arrange it, and where?

(b) Who composed the Berachah of the Tzedokim? What is the Berachah of the Tzedokim?

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