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Berachos 27


(a) How does the Gemara prove that Rebbi Yehudah holds 'Ad ve'Ad bi'Chlal' from the last of five testimonials of Rebbi Yehudah ben Bava, who ruled like him and said that the Tamid shel Shachar could be brought 'be'Arba Sha'os'?

(b) Why, on the basis of that testimonial, must the Halachah be like Rebbi Yehudah? What does 'Bechirta' mean?

(c) Why did they stone a cock in Yerushalayim, and what is the Chidush?

(d) What was Rebbi Yehudah ben Bava's testimonial regarding the Nesachim?

(a) What is the difernce between "Ke'chom ha'Yom" and "ve'Cham ha'Shemesh ve'Namas"?
In any event,the latter quotation (which refers to the Mon, where the Torah writes "ba'Boker, ba'Boker"), speaks about a time which is not included in morning. How will we reconcile this ...
(b) ... with the Rabbanan, according to whom morning lasts until mid-day?

(c) ... with Rebbi Yehudah, according to whom morning lasts at least until the end of the fourth hour (as we proved earlier)?

3) Rav used to Daven the Shabbos Davening before nightfall, the Rabbanan did not.
(a) What is the Halachah regarding P'lag ha'Minchah. Is it considered nightfall or not?
One Erev Shabbos evening, Rebbi Yirmiyah bar Aba Davened (shel Shabbos be'Erev Shabbos) behind Rav. When Rav finished the Amidah before Rebbi Yirmiyah bar Aba, he did not walk in front of his Talmid to get to his seat.
(b) Which three Halachos do we learn from here?

(c) How were Rebbi Ami and Rebbi Asi permitted to pass within four Amos of people who were Davening the Amidah?

Answers to questions


4) Besides the above-mentioned, there are four other other acts of disrespect towards one's Rebbi which cause the Shechinah to depart.

(a) What are they?
Rav Yehudah quotes Rav as saying that Davening beside one's Rebbi or behind him is forbidden.
(b) Then how could Rebbi Yirmiyah bar Aba Daven behind Rav?

(c) And how is this proven from Rav Yirmiyah's question 'Mi Badalt'?

(d) What does 'Mi Badalt' imply, and what did Rav answer?

5) On another occasion, Rebbi Davened the Shabbos Davening on Erev Shabbos, and still found time to go to the bath-house, and to give a Shiur before it turned night.
(a) How does the Gemara reconcile this with Rav's statement 'In, Badilna'! referred to above?

(b) If one is indeed obligated to desist from Melachah after Davening Kabalas Shabbos on Erev Shabbos, then how could Abaye permit Rav Dimi bar Livai to smoke baskets after he had Davened Kabalas Shabbos early?

(c) If someone who Davens Kabalas Shabbos early erroneously, is obligated to Daven again, then why did Rebbi tell a certain community (after the clouds had dispersed) that they did not need to Daven again?

(d) By which Tefilah did this take place?

(a) Is someone who Davens before nightfall on Erev Shabbos permitted to make Kiddush before nightfall?

(b) Is someone who Davens before nightfall on Shabbos afternoon permitted to make Havdalah before nightfall?

(c) May one then do Melachah (see Tosfos d.h. 'Tzali')?

(a) Why does the Mishnah use the strange Lashon of 'Tefilas ha'Erev Ein Lah Keva'?

(b) How did Rabban Gamliel react to the Talmid who asked him whether Ma'ariv is Reshus or Chovah, and informed him that Rebbi Yehoshua had already said that it was Reshus? What did he make Rebbi Yehoshua do when he arrived?

(c) How did the people initially react to Rabban Gamliel's harsh treatment of Rebbi Yehoshua, and what happened to Rabban Gamliel?

(d) How many times did Rabban Gamliel deal harshly with Rebbi Yehoshua?

8) Why would they not choose ...
(a) ... Rebbi Yehoshua

(b) ... Rebbi Akiva

... to replace Rabban Gamliel?
(c) Whom *did* they choose, and why was he a better choice to the previous two?

(d) What was the one reservation regarding his appointment, and how was it circumvented?

(a) What did Rebbi Elazar ben Azarya do before he accepted the position?

(b) What objection did Rebbi Elazar ben Azarya's wife raise to his appointment?

(c) How did Rebbi Elazar ben Azarya over-rule his wife's objection?

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