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Berachos 26

1) Rav Huna is quoted as saying that one may not recite the Shema or Daven the Amidah if there is any Tzo'ah in front of him - within eyesight.

(a) Is he permitted to stand in front of an open bathroom where there is no Tzo'ah, or in front of a bath-house which is not currently being used?

(b) What then, does Rav Chisda mean, when he is quoted as saying that one is permitted to stand in front of a bathroom to Daven?

(c) Then what is Ravina's Sha'aleh, whether Zimun applies to a bathroom or not?

(a) Regarding what Halachah are those Persian bathrooms different than other bathrooms?

(b) Why is that?

3) Our Mishnah mentions three casesof people who are Chayav to Tovel, according to the Chachamim: 1. A Zav she'Ra'ah Keri; 2. A Nidah she'Poletes Shichvas Zera; 3. A Meshameshes she'Ra'asah Nidah. - 've'Rebbi Yehudah Poter.
(a) Why may we have thought that Rebbi Yehudah will agree with the Tana Kama in the third case?

(b) from where does the Gemara prove that he does *not?*

Hadran Alach, 'Mi she'Meiso'!

4) According to the Chachamim, one may Daven Shachris until mid-day, and Minchah until nightfall.

(a) What does Rebbi Yehudah hold in both of these cases?

(b) What are the times for Davening Ma'ariv and Musaf (respectively)?

(c) What should someone who forgot to Daven Shachris do, and how do we reconcile this with our Mishnah, which gives the latest time to Daven Shachris as Mid-day?

(d) Why might we have thought that someone who forgot to Daven Minchah cannot Daven an extra Ma'ariv as Tashlumin?

(a) Having just learnt that it is possible to make up a deficient Tefilah, how do we explain the Beraisa, which refers to a deficient Tefilah as a "Me'uvas Lo Yuchal Liskon"?

(b) How is this proven from the wording of the Beraisa itself?

(c) And how do we explain the second half of the Pasuk (in Koheles) "ve'Chesaron Lo Yuchal Lehimanos"?

Answers to questions



(a) Which Amidah does someone who forgot to Daven on Friday afternoon, Daven as Tashlumin?
Someone who omitted Shabbos Minchah, Davens two Amides on Motzei Shabbos.
(b) In which Amidah does he insert Havdalah, and why?

(c) How does he proceed if he inserted it in the second Amidah, and what reason does the Gemara give for this?

(d) What does the Gemara therefore ask on this Halachah from the Beraisa, which deals with someone who forgot Gevuros Geshamim, Sha'alas Geshamim or Havdalah (in the Amidah)?

7) What will the Din be if someone forgot ...
(a) ... 'Mashiv ha'Ruach'?

(b) ... 've'Sein Tal u'Matar'...?

8) According to Rebbi Yossi b'Rebbi Chanina, it was the Avos who instituted the Tefilos.
(a) Who instituted Shachris, Minchah and Ma'ariv (respectively) and what are the basic sources?

(b) What does Rebbi Yehoshua ben Levi hold in this matter?

To which Korban does ...
(c) ... Shachris

(d) ...Minchah

correspond, and what are the Halachic ramifications of this connection?


(a) To what does Tefilas Ma'ariv correspond, and what are the ramifications of that?

(b) What are the 'Eivarim' and the 'Pedarim' (respectively)?

(a) When is Minchah Gedolah?

(b) When is Minchah Ketanah?

(c) When is P'lag ha'Minchah, and what is its significance with regard to our Sugya?

(d) Why is Rebbi Yossi b'Rebbi Chanina forced to admit, that, even if the Avos did institute the Tefilos, the Anshei Keneses ha'Gedolah later connected them to the Korbanos?

11) According to Rebbi Yehudah, the time for Shachris is up to four hours. The Gemara asks whether the four hours are inclusive or exclusive.
(a) What in a nutshell, is the Sha'aleh?

(b) How does the Gemara attempt to resolve the Sha'aleh from Rebbi Yehudah's opinion by Minchah?

(c) What is the counter-proof from Rebbi Yehudah's opinion by Musaf?

The Gemara accepts the Gemara's counter-proof from Musaf.
(d) In that case, how will we explain the Plag ha'Minchah until which Rebbi Yehudah permits Tefilas Minchah?
12) According to the Rabbanan, what is the order of priorities if someone has to Daven both Musaf and Mincha, and why?

Answers to questions

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