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Berachos 42


OPINIONS: The Gemara concludes that for Pas ha'Ba'ah b'Kisnin (lit. "bread that is served with condiments," from the word "Koses" which means to chew on a snack) one does not recite "ha'Motzi" or Birkas ha'Mazon, but instead one recites "Borei Minei Mezonos." However, if one bases his meal on Pas ha'Ba'ah b'Kisnin (by eating an amount that is as much as people normally eat when they eat a full meal), then one does recite "ha'Motzi." What is Pas ha'Ba'ah b'Kisnin?

There are three basic opinions among the Rishonim:

(a) RABEINU CHANANEL (cited in Rabeinu Yonah), the RASHBA, and the TUR explain that this refers to bread rolls made like pockets that are *filled with* sugar (or honey), nuts, and various types of condiments.

(b) The RAMBAM (Hilchos Berachos 3:9) explains that Pas ha'Ba'ah b'Kisnin refers to dough that was *kneaded* with honey, oil, milk, or that was mixed with seasonings and then baked. The BEIS YOSEF (OC 168) explains that even though the dough also contains water, if the other ingredients give it a noticeable taste such that people do not base their meals on it, it is still considered Pas ha'Ba'ah b'Kisnin. RASHI (41b, DH Pas ha'Ba'ah b'Kisnin) seems to require that the dough be kneaded with a very large amount of extra condiments in order to be considered Pas ha'Ba'ah b'Kisnin. The REMA (OC 168:7) cites Rashi as requiring the honey or other condiments in the bread to be almost the main ingredient and to give the strongest taste.

(c) RAV HAI GA'ON as cited in the ARUCH explains that Pas ha'Ba'ah b'Kisnin is dough that was made into a hard, crispy bread (such as crackers or pastry dough).

HALACHAH: The BEIS YOSEF (OC 168; see also SHULCHAN ARUCH 168:7) writes that since the exact definition of Pas ha'Ba'ah b'Kisnin is in doubt, and blessings are d'Rabanan, one recites "ha'Motzi" and Birkas ha'Mazon on *any* of the three types of foods mentioned above only if one makes a meal out of one of them. Otherwise, we consider them possible Pas ha'Ba'ah b'Kisnin and we only make a Borei Minei Mezonos on them.


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