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Berachos 64

1a) [line 4] SINAI - a person with such an encyclopedic knowledge of Torah, that it is as if he received it from Mount Sinai
b) [line 5] OKER HARIM - a person with such a profound reasoning ability, that it is as if he is able to uproot mountains with this power.

2) [line 6] MAREI CHITAYA - one who possesses wheat; i.e. a person who knows many Mishnayos and Beraisos
3) [line 7] KALDA'EI - Chaldeans, astrologers

*4*) [line 9] UMNA L'VEISEI LO KARA -

(a) he never asked a blood-letter to come to his house (RASHI);
(b) he was so confident that HaSh-m would protect him from any illness, that he would not go to doctors (RAMBAN to Vayikra 26:11) See Insights to 60a.
*5*) [line 9] V'AMAR REBBI AVIN HA'LEVI - These teachings of Rebbi Avin ha'Levi are mentioned here because he related the story of Rabah and Rav Yosef, at the top of the Amud, which included Rav Yosef not taking a high position for himself. (That story, in turn, is related to the stories of Rebbi Chanina Me'aber Shanim b'Chutz la'Aretz, and to the gathering of the Chachamim in Kerem b'Yavneh).

6) [line 11] B'AVYAH SHEL KORAH - in the thickest part of the beam, i.e. he should be the one to ask for the strongest support

7) [line 21] "YELCHU ME'CHAYIL EL CHAYIL" - "They advance from strength to strength" (Tehilim 84:8)


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