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Berachos 55

***************GIRSA SECTION********************
We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach, Rav B. Rensburg and the parenthetical marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any *OTHER* changes that we feel ought to be made in Gemara, Rashi or Tosfos.)

[1] Gemara 55a [line 19]:
The words "*d'Chi* Azlina Badikna Nafsha'i"
should be "*Ki* Azlina Badikna Nafsha'i" (Dikdukei Sofrim)

1) [line 2] "TOCHELES MEMUSHACHAH, MACHALAH LEV [V'ETZ CHAYIM TA'AVAH BA'AH]" - "A drawn-out hope causes a sickness of the heart; [but a desire fulfilled is a Tree of Life]" (Mishlei 13:12)

2) [line 4] KIR NATUY - a wall about to collapse or any similar dangerous situation

3) [line 5] IYUN TEFILAH - examining or delving into one's prayers:
(a) in order to concentrate better so that one will pray with the proper intent;
(b) with the expectation that they must be fulfilled

4) [line 5] MOSER DIN AL CHAVEIRO LA'SHAMAYIM - when a person claims that another person is worthy of punishment by HaSh-m

5) [line 6] D'ME'AYEIN BAH - he waits for his prayer to be fulfilled
6) [line 7] MAFISH B'RACHAMEI - he keeps asking HaSh-m for more mercy (this is the person who is not Me'ayen Bah. The Gemara is explaining why his Tefilah is so lengthy)

7) [line 12] TACHTONIYOS - abdominal troubles, piles, etc.
8) [line 13] ALEI KANIM - leaves of bulrushes; alt. leaves of the sugar cane
9) [line 13] LULEVEI GEFANIM - (O.F. vedile) tendrils; thin branches of the grape vine
10) [line 13] MORIGEI VEHEMAH - any part of an animal that has a rough surface, e.g. the cheeks, tongue, etc.

11) [line 14] SHEMAREI YAYIN - wine sediment
12) [line 14] SID - lime; plaster
13) [line 14] CHARSIS - a clay shard
14) [line 16] D'MA'ARICH V'TALI - he spends a long time in the Beis ha'Kisei, sitting on his knees

15) [line 18] HEIMNUSA - I swear to it
16) [line 29] PARNAS - patron; leader
*17*) [line 45] L'MI SHE'YESH BO CHACHMAH - That is, one who possesses fear of HaSh-m, (Midrash) as it states, "Reishis Chochmah Yir'as HaSh-m" (Tehilim 111:10)

18) [line 45] "U'MANDA'A" - "and knowledge" (Daniel 2:21)
19) [line 47] V'LO TAVAS - and not dreams which one sees while he is fasting
20) [line 48] MAFSHAR - which was not interpreted
21) [line 49] ATZIVUSA MISTAYEI - the gloominess that one feels after having a bad dream helps to counteract any ill effect that it is bodes

22) [line 50] BEDICHUSA MEFAKCHA LEI - the very fact that one enjoys a good dream dissipates the effect that it predicts

23) [line 51] MI'NAGDA - more than Malkos (lashes)
24) [line 51] "ASA SHE'YIRE'U MILEFANAV" - "HaSh-m did this (caused tragedies to occur) so that [people] should fear him" (Koheles 3:14)

25a) [line 53] TEVEN - straw
b) [line 53] BAR - grain


26) [line 7] SAV'A - plenty
27) [line 7] KAFNA - famine
28) [line 10] ACHITOFEL - advisor to King David who later aided Avshalom in the revolt against his father (Shmuel 2:15:12-2:17:23)

29) [line 30] D'PARSEI YADAIHU - when they stretch out their hands to bless the people. The Kohanim are required to bless the people with the three-fold blessing, as described in Bamidbar 6:22-27. Since the blessing is performed with outstretched arms, it is known as Nesi'as Kapayim (the raising of the hands).

30) [line 34] ADIR BA'MAROM - the great One who is on high
31) [line 35] V'DACHIL ME'EINA BISHA - and he is afraid of "the Evil Eye"
32) [line 36] ZAKFA D'YDA D'YAMINA - the thumb of his right hand
33) [line 37] "BEN PORAS YOSEF, BEN PORAS ALEI AYIN ..." - "Yosef is a fruitful bough, a fruitful bough next to a well ..." (Bereishis 49:22)

34) [line 38] OLEI AYIN - those who rise above the [Evil] Eye, and vanquish it
35) [line 40] A'TARFA DI'NCHIREI DI'SMALEI - [he should look] at the side of his left nostril

36) [line 42] D'RACHIM LI - who love me
b) [line 42] D'SANI LI - who hate me
37) [line 42] LE'CHEDEI LI - should be happy because of me
38) [line 55] "ANT MALKA, RA'AYONECH AL MISHKEVACH SELIKU" - "You, O king, your thoughts came to you while you were in bed" Daniel 2:29

39) [last line] MECHAVU - they do not depict
40) [last line] PILA - an elephant
41) [last line] B'KUPA D'MACHATA - through the eye of a needle

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