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Berachos 53

***************GIRSA SECTION********************
We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach, Rav B. Rensburg and the parenthetical marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any *OTHER* changes that we feel ought to be made in Gemara, Rashi or Tosfos.)

[1] Gemara 53a [line 10]:
The words "Hach *Isura* Azal Lei"
should be "Hach *d'Isura* Azal Lei" (Dikdukei Sofrim #100 and Beis Nasan)

[2] Hagahos Rebbi Akiva Eiger 53a DH Rashi:
The words "*v'Nishmaso* Yotzei"
should be "*Nishmaso* Yotzei"

[3] Gemara 53b [line 12]:
*Tanu* Rabanan, Gechalim Lochashos
Perhaps these words should be
*d'Tanu* Rabanan, Gechalim Lochashos (with no colon) (M. KORNFELD)

1) [line 2] CHAYAH - a woman who recently gave birth
2) [line 5] ASHASHIS - lantern
3) [line 10] HACH (ISURA) D'ISURA AZAL LAH - the forbidden flame has gone away

4) [line 13] SHALHEVES - a flame (by itself, without a coal, e.g. if one smears a drop of oil on a pottery shard that is smaller than the size required for the prohibition of Hotza'ah, and lights it)

5) [line 15] A'TOSEFTA D'HETEIRA - on the additional light which is permitted (since no Melachah was done to it)

6) [line 16] AMUD RISHON - the first flame
7) [line 24] IKRI V'NAKIT - it happens that he may take hold [of a flame so close to dark]

8) [line 25] KEFI HA'KIVSHAN - like the size of the opening of a furnace for making lime

9) [line 31] CHAZANA - sexton
10) [line 32] SAHARA - moon
11) [line 36] MARPE - recovery; a wish uttered to a person who sneezes
12) [line 39] KOL SHE'MOTZI'IN LEFANAV - any corpse for whom a light is carried in front of the bier to honor him

13) [line 41] ZUHAMA - filth
14) [line 43] BASAM - a perfume or spice dealer
15) [line 45] V'NEISU V'NIZBUN MINEI - and they should come and buy from him
16) [line 48] MEKATROS LI'CHSHAFIM - offer incense for purposes of witchcraft
17) [line 49] L'GAMER ES HA'KEILIM - to add fragrance to clothes
18) [last line] NISRATZEH L'HARI'ACH - if he deliberately decided to smell; if he smelled [the idolatrous frankincense] with complacency


19) [line 6] PANAS - a lantern made from pottery
20) [line 6] SHALHEVES - a flame
21) [line 11] D'AMYA V'AZLA - it is getting dimmer and dimmer (and goes out before he has a chance to use it)

22a) [line 12] LOCHASHOS - glowing
b) [line 12] OMEMOS - dying coals that are getting dimmer and dimmer
c) [line 14] OMEMOS O OMEMOS? - is Omemos spelled with an Aleph or an Ayin?

23) [line 14] "ARAZIM LO AMEMUHU B'GAN ELOKIM" (Yechezkel 31:8) - "the cedars in the garden of HaSh-m did not obscure it"

24a) [line 16] ISAR - "As"; a Roman coin which is the equivalent of 1/24 of a Dinar
b) [line 16] PUNDEYON - Dupondium, a Roman coin which is worth two Isars

25) [line 16] MELUZMA - a weight (RASHI); a coin (ARUCH)
26) [line 17] AD'VEI ADA DAILA - [on the light] that is in the house of Ada Daila
27) [line 18] EIN MECHAZRIN AL HA'OR - one need not search for a light (if he does not know where one is)

28) [line 24] HA'BIRAH - a large building
29) [line 26] ARNEKI - a change purse; money bag
30) [line 29] SHAYARTA - a caravan
31) [line 29] ISHTELI - he did not remember
32) [line 29] ANSHA'I - I forgot
33) [line 32] MESILEI - compared

34) [line 33] "KANFEI YONAH NECHPAH VA'KESEF, V'EVROSEHA B'YRAKRAK CHARUTZ" - "the wings of a dove covered with silver, and her pinions (limbs of the wing) with yellow gold (Tehilim 68:14)

35) [line 35] IKUL - digestion
36) [line 42] CHATOF U'VRICH - grab and say the blessing
37) [line 44] HA'SHAMAYIM KEN HU - I swear that it is correct
38) [line 44] GULYARIN - soldiers' boys; common soldiers
39) [line 45] MISGARIN - start a war
40) [line 48] IDAN MIFTERAIHU - the time that they read the Maftir section of the Torah and the Haftarah from the Nevi'im

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