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Berachos 12

1) [line 4] V'I MI'CHLALA, MAI? - if it was only inferred that they said "Yotzer Or", what difference does it make? What could possibly be said to counter the inference?

2) [line 11] TAR'OMES HA'MININ - the seditious talk of the heretics/Nazarenes
3a) [line 24] SHICHRA - beer
b) [line 25] CHAMRA - wine
4a) [line 42] NAHAMA - bread
b) [line 42] TAMREI - dates
5) [line 43] HAINU BA'AYAN - this is exactly the same question
6) [line 45] MEIZAN ZAINEI - nourishes

*7*) [line 46] KOL SHE'LO AMAR "EMES V'YATZIV" SHACHARIS - That is, if a person reversed the order and said the evening Berachah in the morning or vice versa (RASHI)

8) [line 50] "[U']MIPNEI SHEMI NICHAS HU" (Malachi 2:5) - he is lowly (humbled) because of my name

9) [line 51] BAR ORI'AN - Torah scholar


10a) [line 1] CHIZRA - rod
b) [line 2] CHIVYA - a snake
11) [line 18] TZARICH SHE'YECHELE ATZMO ALAV - he must make himself sick praying for him
12) [line 28] "HIRGAZTANI" - "you vexed me"

13) [line 32] D'KATLEI L'NOV IR HA'KOHANIM - When David was running away from King Shaul, Achimelech the Kohen Gadol, aided him by providing him with bread and a sword, as recorded in Shmuel 1:21:2-9. As a result, King Shaul charged Achimelech and all the Kohanim of the city Nov with treason and had them killed (ibid. 1:22:9-19).

14) [line 34] BI'MCHITZASI - in my section of Gan Eden
15) [line 34] "V'HOKANUM" - "and we will hang them"

*16*) [line 36] BIKSHU LIKVO'A PARSHAS BALAK - The Gemara is discussing this here because we mentioned earlier other Parshiyos which the Rabanan considered adding to the daily prayers along with Shema (e.g. the Aseres ha'Dibros)

17) [line 40] GEMIRI - we have a tradition
18) [line 40] PARSHAH - section of the Torah

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