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Berachos 10

***************GIRSA SECTION********************
We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach, Rav B. Rensburg and the parenthetical marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any *OTHER* changes that we feel ought to be made in Gemara, Rashi or Tosfos.)

[1] Gemara 10a [line 10]:
"Keivan d'Yitamu Chata'im, u'Resha'im Od Einam"
These words are unnecessary and do not appear in Dikdukei Sofrim (#6)

[2] Gemara 10a [last line]:
The colon is unnecessary

1) [line 4] BIRYONEI - ruffians
2) [line 5] SHIVEVUSEI D'REBBI MEIR - the neighborhood of Rebbi Meir
3) [line 12] SHATYA - fool
4) [line 17] D'LO DARSHITUN SEMUCHIN - you, who do not learn anything from the fact that two Parshiyos are stated next to each other, [do not understand the order of the Psalms]

*5*) [line 20] KLUM YESH EVED SHE'MORED B'RABO - Gog is a servant (of HaSh-m) who knowingly will rebel against his master. See Background to Daf 7b #17.

*6*) [line 23] SHE'DAR B'CHAMISHAH OLAMIM - According to this interpretation, the Gemara is reading the word "*Piha* Paschah" to mean "*Pi 5* Paschah".

7) [line 30] "TASTIR PANECHA YIBAHEILUN, TOSEF RUCHAM YIGVA'UN, V'EL AFARAM YESHUVUN" - "When You hide Your face they are bewildered, when You retrieve their spirit they perish, and they return to their dust" (Tehilim 104:29)

8) [line 36] EIN L'VALOSECHA - their is no one that outlives you
*9*) [line 42] MAI DI'CHTIV "MI KEHE'CHACHAM ..." - The Gemara is discussing the story of Chizkiyahu here because of the mention, later in the story, of Semichus Ge'ulah li'Tefilah.

13) [line 49] D'LO MA'ALU - that are not good
14) [line 49] MAI D'MEFAKDAS - that which you are commanded
15) [last line] "HEN YIKTELENI, LO AYACHEL" - "Although he kills me, I will still hope to him" (Iyov 13:15)


16) [line 6] MI'KIROS LIBO - from the recesses of his heart
17) [line 14] KITES - ground to powder
22) [line 25] "V'GANOSI" - "And I will shield"
24) [line 28] ALIYAH PERU'AH HAYESAH, V'KIRUHA - it was an open-air attic which they covered with a roof
25) [line 29] ACHSADRAH - a covered area in front of the house which is open on one side
26) [line 31] ME'ULAH SHEBA'BATIM - the choicest of houses; the best part of the house
27) [line 37] "L'HADFAH" - "to push her away"
28a) [line 45] "GAVECHA" - your body/self
b) [line 45] GEI'EICH - your haughtiness
29) [line 52] YATEH - shall lean

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