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Berachos 5

***************GIRSA SECTION********************
We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach, Rav B. Rensburg and the parenthetical marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any *OTHER* changes that we feel ought to be made in Gemara, Rashi or Tosfos.)

[1] Rashi 5b DH Toref Nafsho:
"Asher Garamta *Lecha*"
The word seems "Lecha" to be extra (M. Kornfeld)

1) [line 16] CHEREV SHEL SHTEI FIYOS - a two-edged sword
2) [line 19] "U'VNEI RESHEF YAGBIHU UF" - lit., "and the sons of Reshef (demons) will fly high"; homiletically, "... will be lifted by the Torah" (Iyov 5:7)

3) [line 19] "HA'SA'IF EINECHA BO V'EINENU" - "If you blink your eyes at it, it is gone" (Mishlei 23:5)

4) [line 20] "MEZEI RA'AV U'LCHUMEI RESHEF V'KETEV MERIRI" - "[They will be] bloated by famine, attacked by demons, and cut down by evil spirits" (Devarim 32:24)

5) [line 25] OCHRIN - they damage; do harm
6) [line 25] "NE'ELAMTI DUMIYAH, HECHESHESI MI'TOV, U'CHEIVI NE'EKAR" - "I became mute with silence, I was silenced from Good (the Torah), and therefore my pain was intensified" (Tehilim 39:3)

7) [line 29] YEFASHPESH B'MA'ASAV - he should examine his deeds (and do Teshuvah for his sins - Rashi, Eruvin 13b)

8) [line 32] "VA'SH-M CHAFETZ DAK'O HECHELI, IM TASIM ASHAM NAFSHO..." - "And HaSh-m desired to oppress him with disease, if his soul shall consider it a recompense for guilt ..."(Yeshayahu 53:10)

10) [line 40] MEMARKIN - cleanse


11) [line 10] NEGA'IM -
When a person develops a mark that looks like Tzara'as, a Kohen must ascertain whether or not it is a Nega Tzara'as. If it is indeed a Nega Tzara'as, the Kohen pronounces him Tamei, puts him in quarantine (Hesger), and returns after a week to see what changes, if any, occurred to the mark. A person who is *confirmed* to be Tamei due to the appearance of Simanei Tum'ah in the mark is called a Metzora Muchlat.

12) [line 16] DEIN GARMA D'ASIRA'AH BIR - this is the *bone* of my tenth deceased *son* (RASHI); this is the *tooth* of my tenth deceased *son* (RABEINU CHANANEL); this is a *bone* from the tenth meal that was given to comfort me the tenth time I was a mourner (ARUCH)

13) [line 19] AL L'GABEI REBBI YOCHANAN - Rebbi Yochanan went to visit him
14) [line 25] CHAVUSH - a prisoner
15) [line 27] GALYEI L'DAR'EI - he revealed his arm
16) [line 29] D'LO AFSHAS - that you did not learn a great amount (as much as you wanted)

17) [line 33] L'HAI SHUFRA D'VALI B'AR'A - (a) for this beautiful object that will decay in the ground - i.e. R. Yochanan, who was noted for his beauty; (b) for this beautiful object that is wasting in the ground - i.e. the Beis ha'Mikdash - see Maharsha

18) [line 38] DANEI D'CHAMRA - casks of wine
19) [line 39] L'AYEIN MAR B'MILEI - the master (Rav Huna) should check into his actions

20) [line 41] D'LO YAHIV MAR SHAVISHA L'ARISEI - the master did not give his hired laborer his portion of branches

21) [line 43] BASAR GANAVA, GENOV, V'TA'AMA TA'IM - if you steal from a thief, you have a taste of theft

22) [line 44] CHALA V'HAVA CHAMRA - the vinegar turned to wine
23) [line 44] AYAKAR CHALA - vinegar went up in value
24) [line 52] - TORFIN LO TEFILASO B'FANAV - they tear up his prayer in his face

25) [line 53] - "TOREF NAFSHO B'APO, HA'LEMA'ANCHA TE'AZAV ERETZ, V'YE'ETAK TZUR MI'MEKOMO" - "(You Iyov, who) tears himself in his anger. Shall the ear be forsaken because of you?! Or shall the Rock (the Creator) be removed from His place?!"(Iyov 18:4); homiletically, "You who causes that they tear up his prayer in his face, do you think that the Shechinah will leave and be removed from Its place (and your friend will come with you")?

Ketivah v'Chatimah Tovah - May you have a year of blessing and health!

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