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Berachos 4

***************GIRSA SECTION********************
We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach, Rav B. Rensburg and the parenthetical marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any *OTHER* changes that we feel ought to be made in Gemara, Rashi or Tosfos.)

[1] Gemara 4a [line 5]:
"Shemufla'im b'Divreihem"
The Girsa in Sanhedrin 16b is:
"Shemufla'in Ma'aseihen"

[2] Tosfos 4b DH d'Amar:
The words "*d'Plugsa* Hi, *d'Rav* v'Rebbi Yochanan"
should be "*u'Flugsa* Hi, *v'Rav* v'Rebbi Yochanan"
(This is the way it is found in Tosfos ha'Rosh)

[3] The marginal note of the Masores ha'Shas DH Ayein b'Yevamos:
the words "Ela *Ish Ba'al* Shemo"
should be "Ela *Eshba'al* Shemo"
(This is the Girsa of the verse in Divrei Hayamim 1:8:33, and the same
change should be made in the TOSFOS in Yevamos 89a DH Armoni.
See Background #7 below)

1a) [line 4] SHE'KORSIM DIVREIHEM - they give concise decisions
b) [line 5] SHE'MUFLA'IM B'DIVREIHEM - their proceedings are wondrous

2) [line 13] ITZTAGNINEI PHAROH - Pharaoh's astrologers
3) [line 13] BADAI - deceiver
4) [line 14] SHEMA SISBADEH V'SE'ACHEZ - lest you be proven to have spoken falsely, and you will be trapped by your words

5) [line 15] B'FALGA URSA, DI'TLEISAR NAGHEI ARBEISAR, HAVAH KA'I - Moshe spoke these words in the middle of the night, following the 13th day of Nisan, the eve of the 14th of Nisan

6a) [line 21] SHEFIR - the skin of the infant before any sinews, bones, or flesh are formed
b) [line 21] SHILYA - placenta (common translation); fetal membranes in which the fetus forms, which are attached to the placenta (RASHI; TOSFOS Nidah 18a DH Shilya and numerous Rishonim)

7) [line 22] MEFIBOSHES RABI
The MAHARSHA claims that Mefiboshes is the son of Yonasan, son of King Shaul. However, since there is no record of a son of Yonasan who is called Ish Boshes, he suggests to change the Girsa of our Gemara to read that his real name was Meriv Ba'al, who is mentioned in Divrei Hayamim 1:8:34 as a son of Yonasan. According to his opinion, Mefiboshes was probably much younger than King David.

RABEINU TAM (cited in TOSFOS Yevamos 79a DH Armoni), however, states that Mefiboshes was the son of King Shaul, who was killed by the Giv'onim. (RASHI recounts the story in Berachos 12b DH v'Hoka'num). He changes the Girsa of our Gemara to read that his real name was Ish Ba'al (actually Eshba'al, as in Divrei Hayamim 1:8:33), and not Ish Boshes. This is the more logical opinion.

RADAK and METZUDAS DAVID on the verses in Divrei Hayamim seem to agree with the Maharsha, writing that Eshba'al is King Shaul's son Ish Boshes, and Meriv Ba'al is Yonasan's son Mefiboshes.

8) [line 24] "VA'ADABRA V'EI'DOSECHA NEGED MELACHIM, V'LO EIVOSH" - "I will speak of your testimonies before kings and not be ashamed"(Tehilim 119:46).

9) [line 27] KIL'AV - son of David and Avigayil
10) [line 28] MACHLIM - shame


11) [line 6] KIM'A - a little bit
12) [line 36] TEMANYA APIN - eight Pesukim for each letter
13) [line 37] HALEL HA'GADOL - Tehilim 136, each Pasuk of which concludes with the words "Ki l'Olam Chasdo"

14) [line 41] VEHA'ISH GAVRIEL ASHER RA'ISI VE'CHAZON BA'TECHILAH MU'AF BI'AF NOGE'A EILAI K'ES MINCHAS AREV - the man Gavriel, whom I had seen in the vision in the beginning flew over to me in two flights and touched me about the time of the evening sacrifice (Daniel 9:21)

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