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Beitzah 26

BEITZAH 26, 27, 28, 29 - dedicated by Yitzchak Gross of Brooklyn, NY, l'Iluy Nishmas his father, Menashe Yehudah ben Matisyahu, and his mother, Dina bas Yisroel.

1) [line 8] LA'ARIM V'LASKEI - he should use a form of deception [to accomplish something that is usually prohibited] and raise it out of the pit

2) [line 11] D'AVAR V'ASKEI - the owner transgressed and raised it out of the pit (before the Mumcheh (expert on matters of blemishes) saw it)

3) [line 13] MUM OVER/MUM KAVU'A
A Mum Kavu'a is a permanent blemish that forever disqualifies an animal from being brought as a sacrifice. The Mumim Kevu'im are recorded in Vayikra 22:20-25. A Mum Over is a passing, temporary blemish.

4) [last line] EIN MEVAKRIN OSO - it is forbidden [for a Mumcheh] to check it


5) [line 5] ABA TANI - *your* father, Rav Huna, taught (RAV YOSEF CHANINA LIPA MIZELES); Alt., *my* father taught (and not a sage whose name was Aba)

6) [line 18] HA'HI ADA BAR UCHMEI HI D'MESHABESH V'TANI - that one (that Beraisa that was brought on Amud Alef, "Bechor Tam...") was recited by Ada bar Uchmei, who is prone to forget his teachings and recite them incorrectly

7) [line 26] YESH MUKTZAH L'CHATZI SHABBOS - Can something that becomes unfit for use during Shabbos be classified as Muktzah from then on, such that when it becomes fit for use once again we will apply the laws of Muktzah to it?

8) [line 27] D'ACHAZI - that were fit, e.g. raisins that underwent the complete drying process and were fit to be eaten [during Bein ha'Shemashos]

9) [line 41] TZIMUKIN - raisins
10a) [line 44] AFARSEKIN - (O.F. persches) peaches
b) [line 44] CHAVUSHIN - (O.F. codoinz) quinces
11) [line 51] D'ACHAZU V'LO ACHAZU - that were fit to be eaten only by certain people, e.g. raisins that have not yet undergone the complete drying process

12) [last line] TA SHEMA MI'POLIN... - that is, on Yom Tov
13a) [last line] POLIN - beans
b) [last line] ADASHIM - lentils
14) [last line] LAKUS - to chew uncooked grains or legumes

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