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Beitzah 9

BEITZAH 6-10 - Ari Kornfeld has generously sponsored the Dafyomi publications for these Dafim, for the benefit of Klal Yisrael

1) [line 1] GILGEL ISAH - he kneaded dough (RASHI); alt., according to the YERUSHALMI, cited by TOSFOS DH Gilgel, he began the kneading process but did not complete it on Erev Yom Tov

2) [line 9] SHOVACH - a dove-cote
3) [line 10] MATEHU - he tilts it
4) [line 13] L'HATI'ACH GAGO - [to use mortar] to plaster his roof [at a slight angle, in order to facilitate the drainage of rainwater]

5) [line 13] SHOVCHO MOCHI'ACH ALAV - his ladder (which is of the type that is made especially for removing pigeons from a dove-cote) proves that he is carrying the ladder in order to take the pigeons

6) [line 16] MIPNEI MAR'IS HA'AYIN - because people will mistakenly think that he sinned

7) [line 18] SHOTCHAN BA'CHAMAH - [a person whose clothes fell into water on Shabbos] spreads them out in the sun

8) [line 18] AVEL LO K'NEGED HA'AM - but not where people will see them (because people will think that he washed them on Shabbos)


9) [line 7] SULAM SHEL ALIYAH - a ladder that is used to climb up to the second story

10) [line 9] AF MEDADIN BO - it is even permissible to "walk" the ladder, by moving the feet of the ladder in succession a little bit at a time

11) [line 10] NAFUK L'KIRYASA - they went out to the villages in the farmlands [to inspect their fields]

12) [line 23] HITUY - tilting the ladder from one opening of the dove-cote to another

13) [line 34] MUCHLEFES HA'SHITAH - the opinions of Beis Shamai and Beis Hilel were inadvertently interchanged, with regard to (a) the Mishnayos (other than the one on 2a) that are brought by the Gemara, and in each case Beis Hilel holds the more stringent opinion (RASHI); (b) the *first* Mishnah, that should read that Beis Hilel rule that one who slaughters on Yom Tov should dig with a hoe in order to cover the blood (RABEINU TAM, cited by TOSFOS DH Amar)

14) [line 39] NI'ANE'A - he shook the bird

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