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Bava Basra 61

BAVA BASRA 61-67 - This week's study material has been dedicated by Mrs. Rita Grunberger of Queens, N.Y., in loving memory of her husband, Reb Yitzchok Yakov ben Eliyahu Grunberger. Irving Grunberger helped many people quietly in an unassuming manner and is dearly missed by all who knew him. His Yahrzeit is 10 Sivan.


(a) Our Mishnah states that someone who sells a house or a room('Bayis' can mean either) has not sold the Yatzi'a. Will it make any difference if the Yatzi'a has a door that leads into the room?

(b) Neither has he sold the room into which the main room leads.
Why is that?

(c) Besides that room, what else does the purchaser not receive together with the house, according to the Tana Kama?

(d) Rebbi Yehudah disagrees with the Tana Kama.
What does he consider to be the equivalent of a parapet of ten Tefachim?

(a) They translated Yatzi'a as 'Afta' (a low-roofed construction at the rear or alongside a house). Rav Yosef translated it as Barka Chalilah.
What is a 'Barka Chalilah'?

(b) What are the ramifications of their Machlokes?

(c) Rav Yosef quotes a Beraisa, which discusses Yatzi'a, Tzela and Ta.
What do these three have in common? What are they?

(a) In the Beis Hamikdash, there were three Tzela'os one on top of the other.
What were their respective widths?

(b) Why were they arranged in this way?

(c) What does the Pasuk in Yechezkel mean when it gives the measurements of each Ta as one Kaneh long and one Kaneh wide? What does he mean by 'a Kaneh'?

(a) What is the Tana in Midos measuring when he concludes with the wall of the Heichal, the Ta and the wall of the Ta?

(b) The Tana gives both the thickness of the wall of the Heichal and the width of the Ta as six Amos.
How thick was the wall of the Ta?

(a) How large must a Yatzi'a be, according to Mar Zutra, for the Mishnah to say that it is not sold together with the house?

(b) What does Ravina ask Mar Zutra from the Din of Bor va'Dus in our Mishnah?

(c) What did Mar Zutra reply?

(d) What is the basis for this distinction?

Answers to questions



(a) What problem do we have with the Tana's mentioning a room within a room after having taught that the purchaser does not acquire the Yatzi'a?

(b) To answer this Kashya, we establish this latter case 'Af-al-Gav de'Meitzar Leih Metzri'.
What does this mean?

(c) In that case, why is the inner room not included in the sale?

(a) The above Chidush is based on a statement to this effect by Rav Nachman Amar Rabah bar Avuhah.
In connection with which case did Rav Nachman say it?

(b) Why can Rav Nachman not be referring to a many-roomed mansion which ...

  1. ... nobody refers to as a Bayis, but a Birah?
  2. ... everyone refers to it as a Bayis?
(c) Then what is he referring to?

(d) Then why is the mansion not included in the sale?

(a) Rav Nachman repeats the same Chidush with regard to someone who sold a field in a large Bik'ah.
What is the equivalent case there? How do people refer to a Bik'ah?

(b) Why, in both cases, do we not use the price as an indication of whether the seller included the entire property in the sale or only a small section of it?

(c) Having presented the case of ...

  1. ... Bayis, why did Rav Nachman find it necessary to add the case of Sadeh?
  2. ... Sadeh, why did Rav Nachman find it necessary to add the case of Bayis?
(d) Based on the Din of Rav Nachman Amar Rabah bar Avuhah, what ruling did Rav Mari the son of Shmuel's daughter issue with regard to someone who sells property?
(a) What did Rav Ashi rule with regard to Reuven who sold Shimon 'a field of Rebbi Chiya', and it then transpired that he owned two such fields?

(b) Which field would the purchaser then receive?

(c) Why did he call the fields by that name?

(d) What would the seller incorporate in the sale if he used the Lashon ...

  1. ... 'Arata'?
  2. ... 'Kol Arata'?
  3. ... 'Zihara'?
  4. ... 'Nechasai'?
Answers to questions

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