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Bava Basra 46

BAVA BASRA 46 & 47 - dedicated by Reb Gedalia Weinberger of New York, an Ohev Torah and Marbitz Torah whose tireless efforts on behalf of Klal Yisroel have produced enormous benefits for the Lomdei Hadaf over the years.

1) [line 3] A'AGREI - with regard to his wages
2) [line 14] CHAVIVI - (lit. my beloved one) Rebbi Chiya, Rav's uncle. Rav's father Aibo was Rebbi Chiya's brother from the same father. However, they did not share the same mother. Aibo married Rebbi Chiya's sister from his mother, and as such, Rav was the son of Rebbi Chiya's brother and sister (Sanhedrin 5a)

3) [line 19] TA, ACHAVI LACH RAMA'EI D'FUMBEDISA, MAI AVDEI - Come, and I will show you the cheaters of Pumbedisa (who are the craftsmen in the story that follows) and what they do

4) [line 20] HAV LI SARBELA'I - Give me my cloak
5) [line 23] IVRA - In truth!


6) [line 1] V'IY CHAKIM, MESHAVI LEI RA'AH - and if he (the owner) is wise, he can turn it into a case of "Ra'ah," [by tricking the craftsman into showing him the cloak in front of witnesses]

7) [line 2] AMAI TEFISAS LEI? - Why are you holding on to it?
8) [line 2] LAV MISHUM D'IS LACH GABAI - Was it not because you have [loan money] with me [that I owe you]?

9) [line 3] HASHTA AFKINHU V'SHAIMINHU. SHEKOL AT DIDACH, V'ESHKOL ANA DIDI - Now let us take it out and have it estimated. You can then take what belongs to you (the equivalent of your loan) and I will take what belongs to me (whatever remains of the value of the cloak)

10) [line 6] KEVAR SHAMUHA KAMA'EI D'KAMA'EI - others have already estimated its value long before you came along (and it is not worth more that the value of the loan that you owe me)

11) [line 8] ARISEI BATEI AVOS - sharecroppers who have worked the lands of this family for generations

12) [line 9] ARIS SHE'HORID ARISIN TACHTAV - a sharecropper who hired sharecroppers beneath him

13) [line 12] ARIS SHE'CHALAK L'ARISIN - a sharecropper who shared out to other sharecroppers the various jobs necessary for this field, and he worked along with them

14) [line 13] HARMANYA B'ALMA SHAVYUHA - they (the owners) have made him a mere overseer

15) [line 19] (AMaLeK SIMAN) - this is a mnemonic device for remembering the following four subjects of the Gemara that discuss who may be a witness for a debtor:

  1. *A* (Ayin) refers to *A*rev Me'id la'Loveh (line 19)
  2. *M* (Mem) refers to *M*alveh Me'id la'Loveh (line 21)
  3. *L* (Lamed) refers to *L*oke'ach Rishon Me'id la'Loke'ach Sheni (line 22)
  4. *K* (Kuf) refers to *K*ablan Amri Lah Me'id (line 1, Daf 47a)
16) [line 19] AREV - a guarantor of a loan
(a) An Arev is a guarantor for a loan who accepts upon himself to pay back the loan instead of the borrower, under certain circumstances.
(b) There are different levels of guarantors. A normal guarantor only has to pay back the loan if the borrower cannot pay. In the case of an Arev Kablan, the lender may approach the Arev Kablan to pay even if the lender has not yet asked the borrower to pay. The Halachah of our Gemara applies only to a normal Arev. The Gemara discusses an Arev Kablan on Daf 47a.

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