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Bava Basra 38

1) [line 1] KURKEMA D'RISHKA - a very valuable spice, saffron or (O.F. crog orientel) garden safflower

2) [line 3] B'VA MACHMAS TA'ANAH - after having owned a tree for 3 years, if a person claims that he originally bought the land that is under the tree along with the tree, his claim is accepted in Beis Din.

3a) [line 13] YEHUDAH - the land of Yehudah, consisting of the lands south of the ancient city of Antipatris, near the modern-day Rosh ha'Ayin
b) [line 13] EVER HA'YARDEN - Transjordan; the area of Eretz Yisrael to the east of the Jordan River
c) [line 13] GALIL - the land of Galil, consisting of the modern-day Galil, north of Megido

4) [line 17] ASPAMYA - a land that is one year's walk from Eretz Yisrael (this word is usually translated as Spain)

5) [line 24] SHE'AS CHEIRUM - a time of war, hostile relations


6) [line 2] BORE'ACH - a person who runs away from his property
7a) [line 21] BORE'ACH MACHMAS MAMON - someone who runs away to avoid a monetary debt
b) [line 21] BORE'ACH MACHMAS MERADIN - someone who runs away because he is accused of murder

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