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Bava Basra 30

BAVA BASRA 29 & 30 - anonymously dedicated by an Ohev Torah and Marbitz Torah in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel.

1) [line 14] LO YEHEI ELA D'NAKIT SHETARA - even if he were holding a legal document

2) [line 14] KAYEIM SHETARACH - Validate your document (KIYUM SHETAROS) Mid'Oraisa, a Shtar (contract) or Get which was written legally and signed by witnesses is considered absolute proof. The Chachamim, out of fear of forgeries, required that every Shtar be validated ("Kiyum") in one of the following manners:

  1. The witnesses themselves attest to the validity of their signatures.
  2. Two other witnesses who recognize the signatures attest to their validity.
  3. The signatures are matched to those on a previously validated Shtar or Get.
3) [line 17] B'SHUKEI BARA'EI HAVAI - I was overseas, in a place that does not have frequent direct connecting routes to here

4) [line 18] SAHADEI - witnesses
5) [line 18] KOL SHATA - each year


6) [line 3] DINA KA'AMAR LEI - he has told him the Halachic ruling, i.e. the Me'ar'er is correct in his claim, and the Machzik must return the land to him

7) [line 7] [V']IMLECHI BACH - [and] I consulted with you
8) [line 8] HA'SHENI - the buyer (i.e. you)
9) [line 8] HA'RISHON - the seller (i.e. the Gazlan)
10) [line 10] HA'ORER AL HA'SADEH - a person (Reuven) who contests the ownership of a field [that was sold by Shimon to Levi. Reuven contends that the field actually belongs to him and that Shimon stole it]

11) [line 15] ASIS B'URSA - you came [to me] at night
12) [line 16] IZBUN DINA'I - (lit. I will buy out the [need to go to court for a] court case) I would rather pay money buying the land from you than to have to go to court

13) [line 19] TUVA - many

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