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Bava Basra 25

BAVA BASRA 20-25 - sponsored by Harav Ari Bergmann of Lawrence, N.Y., out of love for the Torah and for those who study it.

1) [line 1] OSEH OSO GALAL - he makes it into a dung heap
2) [line 2] NEVELOS - carcasses
3) [line 2] KEVAROS - graves
4) [line 2] BURSEKI - a tannery where hides are processed
5) [line 6] MISHRAH - a soaking pond for flax
6) [line 6] YEREK - vegetables
7) [line 7] KEREISHIN - (O.F. porels) - garden leeks (Allium porrum)
8) [line 7] BETZALIM - onions
9) [line 7] CHARDAL - mustard plants
10) [line 8] DEVORIM - bees
11) [line 16] HI TEDIRA - it is constant [in something that the Gemara proceeds to discuss]
12) [line 17] TEDIRA B'RUCHOS - the most constant of all of the winds
13) [line 18] MENASHVOS - blow
14) [line 21] BEN NETZ - (lit. the son of a hawk) the name of an Angel (whose appearance resembles a hawk -- RASHI)

15) [line 23] "HAMI'BINASCHA YA'AVER NETZ; YIFROS KENAFAV L'SEIMAN?" - "Does the hawk fly by your wisdom, and stretch her wings toward the south?" (Iyov 39:26)

16) [line 28] PERAS - rations
17) [line 35] "HA'SESHALACH BERAKIM V'YELECHU; V'YOMRU LECHA HINENU" - "Or can you send out the lightening to go forth [because of your command]? And will they say to you, 'Here we are'?" (Iyov 38:35) - Once the lightening goes forth (away from HaSh-m, keve'Yachol), it can only report to Him with the words "Here I am" if the presence of HaSh-m exists in every direction.

18) [line 44] AMAR LEI RAV SHESHES L'SHAM'EI - Rav Sheshes (who was blind) would say to his attendant

19) [line 45] L'CHOL RUCHASA UKMAN, L'VAR MI'MIZRACH - Set me up [to pray] in any direction

20) [line 46] MORU BAH MINEI - idol worshippers establish it as their custom [to pray exactly due east]

21) [line 48] MAI "ORIYAH" - (a) the Persian word for "west" (RASHI, quoting his teachers); (b) east, similar to the Middle French word "orient" (RASHI)

22) [line 49] "YA'AROF KA'MATAR LIKCHI, TIZAL KA'TAL IMRASI; KI'S'IRIM ALEI DESHE, V'CHIRVIVIM ALEI ESEV." - "My doctrine shall drop as the rain, my speech shall distil as the dew; as the small rain upon the tender herb, and as the showers upon the grass." (Devarim 32:2)

23) [line 50] ORPO SHEL OLAM - the "back of the neck" of the world
24) [line 51] MAZELES ES HA'ZAHAV - it cheapens the price of gold (as a commodity)

25) [line 51] "HA'ZALIM ZAHAV MI'KIS..." - "They pour gold out of the moneybag, [and weigh silver in the balance, and hire a goldsmith; and he makes it a god; they fall down, yes, they worship.]" (Yeshayah 46:6)

26) [line 52] MAS'ERES ES KOL HA'OLAM KI'SE'IR - it stirs up the world like a demon

27) [last line] MA'ALAH REVIVIM - it brings up rain


28) [line 1] ACHSADRAH - a structure that is covered by a roof and is enclosed on three of its sides

29) [line 1] RU'ACH TZEFONIS EINAH MESOVEVES - the northerly direction does not have a border

30) [line 3] NICHFEFES - it bends down
31) [line 4] KUBAH - a cube
32) [line 6] MAKEFES - it goes around
33) [line 7] KIPAH - the domed roof of the world
34) [line 7] "HOLECH EL DAROM V'SOVEV EL TZAFON; SOVEV SOVEV HOLECH HA'RU'ACH V'AL SEVIVOSAV SHAV HA'RU'ACH." - "It goes towards the south and veers to the north; the wind goes around and around, and on its rounds the wind returns." (Koheles 1:6)

35a) [line 11] MESAVEVASAN - it goes around them from behind; i.e. it traverses them at night when it cannot be seen
b) [line 11] MEHALCHASAN - it traverses them during the day

36) [line 12] "MIN HA'CHEDER TAVO SUFAH U'MIMEZARIM KARAH. MI'NISHMAS KEL YITEN KARACH V'ROCHAV MAYIM B'MUTZAK." - "The storm [and hurricane winds] come from the [southern] room [at His command], and the cold [comes] from the stars [when He decrees.] [For the stars] give ice by the word of HaSh-m, and the abundance of water that is poured [onto earth, is also given by His word.]" (Iyov 37:9-10)

37a) [line 17] NICHUSA - softly
b) [line 18] SHEFICHUSA - fiercely

38) [line 19] "MI'TZAFON ZAHAV YE'ESEH..." - "[For the brightness of the skies which is like pure gold,] come from he north; [and upon HaSh-m, the Awesome One, [there is even much greater] glory [than all this.]" (Iyov 37:22)

39) [line 22] LO HUGSHEMAH RU'ACH DEROMIS - the south wind has not been laden with rain

40) [line 23] "VA'YIGZOR AL YAMIN V'RA'EV, VA'YOCHAL AL SEMOL V'LO SAVE'U..." - "And he shall snatch on his right, and be hungry; and he shall eat on his left, and they shall not be satisfied..." (Yeshayah 9:19)

41) [line 26] OTZAR TOV - the Storehouse of Goodness
42a) [line 29] YADRIM - shall turn his face [slightly] southward
b) [line 29] YATZPIN - shall turn his face [slightly] northward

43) [line 29] SHULCHAN BA'TZAFON U'MENORAH BA'DAROM - the Golden Table (a symbol of bountiful sustenance) of the Mishkan and the Beis ha'Mikdash were placed in the north and the Golden Menorah (a symbol of Torah learning) was placed in the south

44) [line 32] METZADED ATZDUDEI - he turned himself sideways
45) [line 34] "...MI'TZAFON TIPASACH HA'RA'AH AL KOL YOSHVEI HA'ARETZ" - "[Then HaSh-m said to me,] 'Out of the north an evil shall break forth upon all the inhabitants of the land.'" (Yirmeyahu 1:14)

46) [line 36] HARCHEK CHARDALCHA MIN DEVORAI - Keep you mustard plants away from my bees

47) [line 37] LIGLUGEI CHARDELAI - (a) flowers of my mustard plants (RASHI); (b) seeds of my mustard plants (ARUCH); (c) branches of my mustard plants (RI, cited in TOSFOS DH Liglugei DAF 18a)

48) [line 44] MACHLIDIN ES HA'KARKA - tunnel through the ground (RASHI)
49) [line 44] MALKIN - destroy
50) [line 48] PAPI YEVANA'AH - Papi from Greece
51) [line 48] APADNA - a mansion
52) [line 48] ATZUREI - those who press [sesame seeds for oil]
53) [line 48] SHIVEVUSEI - his neighborhood
54) [line 49] DAIKEI SHUMSHEMEI - they pounded the sesame seeds
55) [line 49] NAIDA APADNEI - his mansion shook

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