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Bava Basra 18

BAVA BASRA 18 (25 Nisan) - dedicated by Sandy and Les Wiesel in memory of Les's father, Menachem Yehuda ben Avigdor Yosef Wiesel, who perished in the Holocaust.

1a) [line 5] HANEI KASHU L'KOSEL - these are harmful to a wall
b) [line 10] METUNTA KASHEH L'KOSEL - dampness is harmful to a wall
c) [line 14] TIRAYA KASHEH L'KOSEL - (O.F. estoner) vibrations are harmful to a wall
d) [line 19] HEVLA KASHEH L'KOSEL - heat is harmful to a wall

2a) [line 20] NACHTOMIN - bakers
b) [line 21] TZABA'IN - dyers
3) [line 21] OTZARO - a storage loft
4) [line 21] REFES BAKAR - a cowshed
5) [line 23] DEIKA NAMI - this is also implied [by the Beraisa]
6) [line 27] KEDEI AVODAS HA'KEREM - an open area four Amos in width around a vineyard, which is needed since it was their custom to plow this area, and which was used during the harvest season for the pickers' wagons to drive alongside the vineyard

7) [line 30] MAFSIK TZUNMA - [where] a rock or very hard soil separates [the field from the place where the person wants to plant the tree]

8) [line 34] MA'AMIK LAHEN SHELOSHAH TEFACHIM - he may cut off the roots that have entered his field to a depth of three Tefachim

9) [line 34] SHE'LO YE'AKEV HA'MACHAREISHAH - so that they do not hinder the plow

10) [line 35] MAI BA'U HASAM? - What are they doing there (i.e. how could they get through)?

11) [line 45] MISHRAH- a soaking pond for flax
12a) [line 45] YEREK - vegetables
b) [line 46] KEREISHIN - (O.F. porels) - garden leeks (Allium porrum)
c) [line 46] BETZALIN - onions
d) [line 46] CHARDAL - mustard plants

13) [line 51] HARCHEK CHARDALCHA MIN DEVORAI - Keep you mustard plants away from my bees

14) [last line] LIGLUGEI CHARDELAI - (a) flowers of my mustard plants (RASHI to Bava Basra 25b); (b) seeds of my mustard plants (ARUCH); (c) branches of my mustard plants (RI, cited in TOSFOS DH Liglugei)


15) [line 3] MISHRA V'YARKA - the flax-soaking pool [from the vegetable patch] and the leeks [from the onions]

It is incumbent upon the one who causes damage to keep his damaging property away from any place where it may inflict damage.

17a) [line 10] IY B'VINISA, - if we are referring to the seeds (a) on the plants; (b) in the ground,
b) [line 10] LO MASHKECHA LEI - they will not find them (a) because the pods become hard; (b) because they are buried in the ground

18a) [line 10] IY B'TARFA, - if we are referring to the leaves,
b) [line 10] HADAR PAREI - they will grow back

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